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=-=-=- Arch-Mage -=-=-=
        The Arch-Mage is a pure spell caster who is able to learn 
from the most diverse list of spells of all the mages. He hearkens 
back to the days of Arcane lore, before magic was divided, and as a 
result has the most varied range of spells of all mages. He is a 
true master of magic in all its forms, and is the most versatile of 
all the wizards.
Type:   Pure Spell Caster
Skills: Limited to skills related to magic
Spells: Dabble in everything
Prime Attributes: Int, Wis
Examples: Arthuric Merlin, Circe, Medea
Comments: These mages have a spell for every occasion and every
        situation. Mystery and secrecy shroud the powerful arch-mages.


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