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  =-=-=- Chaotic-Lord -=-=-=
          The Chaotic-Lord is a semi-spell casting warrior that
  specializes in the manipulation and control of Demons. The Chaotic-
  Lord is granted it's power through it's Dark Master, Marghuul. A 
  Chaotic-Lord lives or dies at their Master's whim, depending on
  the control they can exert over the 'gifts' they recieve. Many an
  ambitious Chaotic-Lord has been crushed by the might of the very
  demons they've summoned.
          The Chaotic-Lord's plight in the Shadowlands makes them 
  loners, even shunning the company of each other in many cases.
  Their plight consists of two things, trying to free their Dark
  Master from his prison, and rid the lands of the one who headed 
  his imprisonment, Celeborn.
          A Chaotic-Lord is to be both shunned and feared by 
  others, as the plain evil brutality contained within them can often
  lash out unexpectedly, even against those they know.
  Type:             Evil Semi-Warrior
  Skills:           Combat skills
  Spells:           Demonic summons, bindings. Weapon spellups
  Prime Attributes: Dex, Str, Int
  Examples: The Chaotic-Lord is the Anti-Paladin. They are Knights of
            Darkness where a Paladin is a warrior for the light. They
            bring death, despair, pain, and hatred wherever they may go.
  Comments: Loners, totally evil.


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