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Cleric Of Risla

=-=-=- Cleric of Risla -=-=-=
        The Clerics of Risla are pure spell casters who are in the 
service of the Goddess Risla. Risla is the Goddess of the Cycle of
Life and Death, symbolized by the Spiral. The spells that she grants
to her clerics are mainly healing, damageing and ressurrection. Due to
their very nature, she has a strong distaste for the Undead. Some of
her powers are used to destroy them and return the soul to the natural
cycle she has established.
Type:   Pure Spell Caster
Skills: Limited to skills related to magic, little combat
Spells: Healing, Damange, Ressurrection, Anti-Undead
Prime Attributes: Int, Wis
Comments: A very important part in the lives of the denizens of the


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