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=-=-=- Elementalist -=-=-=
        The Elementalist is a mix of mage and cleric. An elemental
spell user, the Elementalist worships a "diety level" elemental
intelligence-for each element is an elemental being interested in
only one thing-the proliferation of his element throughout the
planes, and an Elementalist works towards this end. A supreme
elemental seeks to dominate places with his element; thus, the
supreme elementals are in constant conflict with each other, as 
well as the almost equally powerful elemental spirits bonded to
the Elemental-Warriors, who try to keep the elemental balance.
Type:   Elemental Spell Caster
Skills: Limited Combat
Spells: Attack, Summoning
Prime Attributes: Int, Wis
Comments: Elementalists are very possibly the wizards with the highest
        damage spells on the mud, and are very powerful. But equally,
        they focus upon one field to the exclusion of others.
        Elementalists are unique among mages in that each of their
        spells actually represents several spells. Elementalists must
        learn elemental lores in addition to elementalism, such as 
        "air lore". Each spell may be cast using any lore that has
        been learned by the Elementalist.


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