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=-=-=- Enchanter -=-=-=
        An Enchanter is a pure spell caster who has specialized
in the field of enchantments, enhancements, and creation. Items,
weapons, and armour enhancements as well as the creation of 
golems and wondrous animated creations are all their trademarks.
The Enchanters have some unique abilities and can raise the
abilities of an ordinary, mundane item to much higher levels.
Type:   Enchanting Spell Caster
Skills: Limited Combat
Spells: Enchantment, Enhancement
Prime Attributes: Int, Dex
Comments: Enchanters are often considered to be 'useless' guilds
        at first glance. This is definitely not the case. They
        are the main guild specializing in upgrading weapons and
        armour.  This guild is much more powerful than it looks.


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