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=-=-=- Fighter -=-=-=
        Fighters are the primary arms specialists. They are 
warriors and are experts in weapons, as well as tactics and 
strategy. Fighters find it very easy to develop a variety of
different weapons and to wear heavier types of armour. They
are less skilled at maneuvering and manipulating mechanical
devices such as locks and traps and have the greatest
difficulty with anything connected with spells.
Type:   Pure Warrior
Skills: Lots of combat skills
Spells: None
Prime Attributes: Str, Dex, Con
Examples: Beowulf, Alexander the Great, Perseus, Siegfried, Sinbad
Comments: The fighter can specialize in weapons, as well as being
        able to train all combat skills at much reduced cost than
        other guilds. He also has some unique fighting skills only
        available to him.


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