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-=-=-=- War-Priest -=-=-=-
          A War-Priest's path is highly influenced by his god, 
  K'thach. A War-Priest fights to free men from the shackles of 
  oppression and tyranny, which often leads them to fight on the 
  side of good. While never one to attempt to root out evil, the 
  War-Priests will neither allow oppressors safe passage, nor any 
  mercy when caught.
          K'thach's followers believe in honorable combat, with 
  many refusing to fight those who are unarmed, unarmoured, or 
  unsuspecting. The warrior-priests of K'thach seek to stop all 
  oppression, which is not to say that they fling themselves 
  against foes they have no chance of defeating. Instead they 
  may take on more of their priestly aspect; offering food, water 
  and shelter to the oppressed with a solemn vow of stopping 
  their attacker when able.
  Type:   Faith based warrior spell caster.
  Skills: Meditation, Combat
  Spells: Healing, Protection, Summoning
  Prime Attributes: Wis, Con
  Examples: Religious orders of knighthoods-aka Teutonic Knights,
          the Knights Templars, the Hospitalers.
  Comments: More combat oriented and less healing inclined than
          Clerics, War-Priests are powerful defenders of the
          common man. While Clerics adventure to spread the faith,
          War-Priests venture forth to actively seek out the down-
          trodden and aid in their liberation.


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