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        The Drow elves are an almost invariably evil race of Elves,
whose talents and tendencies lean heavily towards the magical arts.
Most are very alert because of the upbringing in a trecherous home.
They are cunning and cruel.  They tend to dress in flowing garments
of black with silver trim.  They are ambitious to the end.  On rare
occasions Drow have been known to repent their evil ways and lean
towards a more philanthropic view of life.
Cha: -15        Hp Regen: Average
Com:  --        Mp Regen: Above Average
Con:  -5        Sight: Dark Vision
Dex: +15        Natural Weapons: Hands
End:  -5        Natural Armour: none
Int: +15        Innate Skills: No
Mem: +10        Innate Spells: Yes
Per: +10        Body Size: Medium
Rea: +10        Special: Ambidexterity
Str:  --                 Magic Resistance
Wil:  +5
Wis:  --


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