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        Called 'Fades' by other types of dwarves, the Duergar are
a rare of evil dwarves motivated by hatred and greed.  Having
pale grayish skin, they are also called the Gray-Dwarves.  Most
Duergar take to thieving and the past of the warrior as they are
often required to sneak about in the underworld just to survive.
The Duergar are known to be highly magic resistant making them
dangerous foes to unexperienced mages.
Cha: -20        Hp Regen: Average
Com: -20        Mp Regen: Average
Con: +10        Sight: Dark Vision
Dex: +10        Natural Weapons: Hands
End:  +5        Natural Armour: none
Int: +10        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem:  +5        Innate Spells: No
Per: +10        Body Size: Small
Rea:  +5        Special: Magic Resistance
Str: +15
Wil: +10
Wis:  -5


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