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        The foul goblin race exists all over the world.  They live in
caves, holes, under rocks, or wherever they can hide from the bigger,
more dangerous creatures.  Dirty and generally disgusting, they
reproduce quickly and leave filth wherever they pass.  Although
generally cowardly, when cornered goblins can put up a fierce fight.
Cha: -20        Hp Regen: Average
Com: -20        Mp Regen: Below Average
Con: -10        Sight: Above Average 
Dex:  +5        Natural Weapons: Hands
End:  -5        Natural Armour: none
Int: -15        Innate Skills: No
Mem: -10        Innate Spells: No
Per:  +5        Body Size: Small
Rea: +10        Special:
Str: -10
Wil:  -5
Wis: -15


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