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        When the Great War began, not all of the elves chose to ally
themselves with either of the two opposing forces.  The elves that
fled to find a hidden refuge from the war are called they Gray-Elves.
Neither good nor evil, they chose to instead simply survive and leave
the troubles of the world behind them.  For centuries they studied
the magical arts which allowed them to find hidden planes and worlds
to live.  The result is a people who have honed their skills in
magic.  Most Grey-Elves have lavender hair with blue eyes.  Smaller
than most elves, they are slim in build yet quick in mind and
Cha: +10        Hp Regen: Average
Com: +25        Mp Regen: High
Con: -10        Sight: Above Average 
Dex: +15        Natural Weapons: Hands
End: -10        Natural Armour: none
Int: +25        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem: +10        Innate Spells: Yes 
Per:  +5        Body Size: Medium
Rea: +10        Special:
Str: -20
Wil: -10
Wis:  +5


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