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        Ogres are an unkempt, slovenly races who coarse, grizzled
features betray their rapacious greed.  Ogres resemble Giants
when distant blurs details and disperses their rank odor.  Garments
constructed of hastily cured animal skins add to the stench, but
contribute little to modesty.  The fetor of their littered dens
keeps most thieves at bay.  They use wood or stone clubs for
weaponry.  They frequently abandon weapons in the heat of battle
for the more satisfying sensation of knuckle against tender
flesh and bone.
Cha: -15        Hp Regen: High
Com: -15        Mp Regen: Average
Con: +10        Sight: Average 
Dex: -10        Natural Weapons: Hands
End:  +5        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int: -10        Innate Skills: No
Mem: -10        Innate Spells: No
Per:  -5        Body Size: Large
Rea:  -5        Special:
Str: +20
Wil: +15
Wis: -10 


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