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Orcs are remarkable creatures in many ways. They have a tough
and waxy green skin, which becomes scabby, gnarled and even
tougher over time. Their blood varies in colour from red to
purple or black and is unusually thick, pungent and sticky. They
do not seem to feel pain to anything like the extent that other
creatures do, and it takes a serious wound to stop an Orc from
Orcs vary in height and their physical appearance more than
humans - some are taller than a man but most are substantially
larger and the biggest Orcs stand well over seven feet tall.
They are also much broader than humans, with big deep chests,
massive shoulders and long, powerfully muscled arms.  Orcs have
large heads with huge jaws but tiny foreheads behind which lurk
a thick skull and not very much brain.
Despite their apparent lack of intelligence Orcs are not stupid,
although they are rather limited in the way they think and act.
They are not the deepest thinkers in the world, but neither are
they doubtful or divided.  When an Orc wants to do something he
simply does it, where a human might spend untold time weighing
the alternatives.
Cha: -20        Hp Regen: Average
Com: -30        Mp Regen: Below Average
Con: +10        Sight: Above Average 
Dex:  +5        Natural Weapons: Hands
End: +10        Natural Armour: none
Int: -25        Innate Skills: No
Mem: -10        Innate Spells: No
Per: +10        Body Size: Medium
Rea: +15        Special: Corpse Eating
Str: +20        
Wil: +10        
Wis: -25        


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