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        Created by Bloodwing, an ancient dragon of great power, the
gromeks are the result of experimentation upon her own offspring.
Twisted and experimented upon with magic while still in their eggs,
the gromek race was originally used by Bloodwing as her eyes and
ears as well are her armies for control over the Shadowlands and
worlds beyond.  During the early years of the Great War, the War of
Darkness, she cast her children out into the universe, dropping them
upon the many worlds that are connected through various magical portals
and gates.
        The Red-Gromeks are those that fell upon worlds of fire and
ash.  For centuries they struggled desperately for survival against
the harsh elements.  Being thrown into such a crucible has resulted
in a race quick to anger and easily provoked to violence.  Many
choose to study pyromancy as their natural resistance to fire makes
it easier for them to learn and survive their any early mistakes.
Red-Gromeks also make dangerous warriors for they are also very
strong.  The claws of the red-gromek are said to glow fiery hot
when angered provided them a means of defense.
Cha: -10        Hp Regen: Above Average
Com: -15        Mp Regen: Above Average
Con: +10        Sight: Night Vision
Dex: +10        Natural Weapons: Fiery Claws
End:  +5        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int:  --        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem:  --        Innate Spells: No
Per:  --        Body Size: Medium
Rea:  --        Special: Winged Flight
Str: +10
Wil:  +5
Wis: -10


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