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        The Rock-Trolls live deep under the earth killing anything
weaker than themselves.  Ill-proportioned hand and feet dangle off
of their hunched bodies.  Although they appear weak and skinny,
they are actually iron hard, with fists that can pound rocks to
dust.  Their dull grey skin is incredibly tough.  Their one
weakness is their fear of water.
Cha: -25        Hp Regen: Sick
Com: -25        Mp Regen: Below Average
Con: +30        Sight: Dark Vision
Dex: -15        Natural Weapons: Hands
End: +20        Natural Armour: Hide Skin
Int: -15        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem: -15        Innate Spells: No
Per: -20        Body Size: Large
Rea: -20        Special: Limb Regeneration
Str: +25                 Weakness - Cold
Wil: +20                 Corpse Eating
Wis: -25


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