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        Salamanders are natives of the elemental plane of Fire, and 
thus thrive in hot places.  These cruel, evil creatures come to
the Prime Material plane for reasons only known to them.  The head
and torso of a salamander is copper-colored and has a human-like
appearance.  Most of the time, this aspect is a male, with a flaming
beard and moustache.  The female version has flowing, fiery red hair.
Both aspects have glowing yellow eyes that sometimes switch to
fluorescent green.  Salamanders usually carry a shiny metal spear.
The lower torso is that of a large snake, with orange coloring
shading to dull red at the tail end.  The entire body is covered with
wispy appendages that appear to burn but are never consumed.
Cha:  --        Hp Regen: Above Average
Com: -20        Mp Regen: Average
Con: +10        Sight: Night Vision
Dex:  +5        Natural Weapons: Burning Hand
End:  +5        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int:  +5        Innate Skills: No
Mem:  --        Innate Spells: Yes
Per:  +5        Body Size: Large
Rea: -10        Special: Weakness - Cold
Str: +10                 Resistance - Fire
Wil: +10 
Wis: -15


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