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        Storms Giants are huge men standing almost twice the
height of normal humans.  Although, not as physically strong as
their hill-giant counterparts, they are highly intelligent and
many choose to study the art of magic.  Storm-Giants are said
to be able to make their hands crackle with lightning and
electricity, shocking their opponents to death.
Cha: +10        Hp Regen: Above Average
Com:  +5        Mp Regen: Average
Con: +20        Sight: Average 
Dex:  --        Natural Weapons: Lightning Hands
End: +15        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int: +10        Innate Skills: No
Mem: +10        Innate Spells: Yes
Per:  --        Body Size: Huge
Rea:  --        Special: Magic Resistance
Str: +20
Wil: +15
Wis: +10


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