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        The Swamp-Trolls are a horrible race, living off of dead
carrion and rotting vegetation.  Their yellow eyes always appear
larger than they really are before they rip you to shreds with 
their sharp claws.  Although incredibly ugly, they are cunning
warriors.  Travellers to the swamps of the Shadowlands are often
killed by these foul creatures.
Cha: -40        Hp Regen: Sick
Com: -40        Mp Regen: Average
Con: +15        Sight: Below Average
Dex: +10        Natural Weapons: Claws
End:  +5        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int:  --        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem:  --        Innate Spells: No
Per:  +5        Body Size: Large
Rea:  +5        Special: Limb Regeneration
Str: +10                 Weakness - Fire
Wil:  +5                 Corpse Eating
Wis: -15


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