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        The Great War between the factions of the progenitor race sent
the sword-demons into exile in the lower planes.  Several of them have
managed to return to the prime material plane, usually by tricking an
unfortunate mage into summoning them, after which the mage is promptly
slain.  The sword demons are determined to reassert their position on the
world as rulers supreme, and they will do just about anything to do it.
Sword demons are a fearsome sight.  They may stand as tall as seven feet,
with vicious claws and blood red skin.  Leathery wings sit folded above
their shoulders, allowing limited flight.  Their eyes are bright
green-yellow and slanted evilly.  They enjoy practicing both magic and
combat, and represent some of the most powerful elementalists and chaotic
lords on the planet.
Cha: -25        Hp Regen: Very High
Com: -40        Mp Regen: Above Average
Con: +20        Sight: Dark Vision
Dex: +15        Natural Weapons: Disruption Claws
End: +15        Natural Armour: Tough Skin
Int: +15        Innate Skills: Yes
Mem: +10        Innate Spells: Yes
Per: +10        Body Size: Large
Rea: +10        Special: Winged Flight
Str: +30                 Weakness - Holy
Wil: +20                 Resistance - Disruption
Wis: -20                 Resistance - Infernal


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