01/24/08 11:56 AM
Project News

I am in total agreement with the sentiment expressed on the forums and chat that everyone feels better when they know what's going on in a 'behind the scenes' sort of fashion on Darke. While I'm not a live admin, I am on the admin council and am an active programmer for Darke so I feel I can share some small bit of information with you.

Tonight (24 Jan 08) there is a phone-in meeting of the Immortals of Darkemud, where we will be be covering as many of the issues that have been raised on the forums and in bug or idea reports (help bug, help idea) as we can. MacTORG will be recording the meeting and I will hopefully be taking notes so we can share some of the topics and outcomes we talked about with everyone, or request more user input as needed.

Additionally, I'd like to share my current project load with you all, just so you know what my personal energies have been channeled toward.
  • The Grounds
    • This area was originally coded by Nevin, and expanded by Belrix in 1997. Since then it hasn't been touched. Some of you may remember a canyon with bandits that led to a tunnel in which a graveyard could be found where a spirit named Volgorath resided. This area was one of my favorite unsung heroes of Darke, entirely because of the flavor it added. The descriptions are terrible for the most part, and the area offers no reason to visit it what-so-ever, but the story it hints at was juicy in my mind so I decided to expound on the themes it presents and enable a large number of the functions it hints at having. The area can be found on the current map in the forested hills slightly northwest of Kuril, I believe.

      This project is approximately 85% complete, and then will have to undergo review before being implemented. Expect to see it by mid-Feburary, early March if time permits.
  • Cave
    • This is Din's area that I will be lending a hand in the polishing of. Din has been working on it since 2005, but has largely left our programming team in favor of real life. The area is very complex with many never-before-seen (on Darke) effects, and a vastly intricate theme that should be very exciting to explore. Din has given his word that he will be returning to complete the area over the next few months, and upon completing the Grounds recode above, I will be donating my time to him to clean up the remaining describes in order to hasten the area's review.

      I can not give an accurate estimate of the completion level of this area, but it is in the 75-90% range. We are hoping to have it reviewed and implemented by April, but expect to see it no later than July 08.
  • Elm's Farm
    • This area was outlined in the post above, and has been put on hold in favor of other projects because both Charon and Dragora have had real life responsibilites curtail their available programming time. This area was meant as a programming tool to help new wizards learn some less tedious coding methods that make the simple description writing that most of programming is come to life.

      This project is approximately 5% complete. It has no official expected completion date until further notice.
I hope this helps us all feel more connected with Darkemud, and if anyone has any ideas please feel free to post them somewhere!

Also, if anyone is interested in either A) programming or B) description writing for new areas they should read 'help wizzing' and 'help questionaire' while logged in to Darke. Since Dragora and Charon won't be active wizards for us, I'd be glad to help one or two others who are interested in donating their time and creativity over the next 12 months to get up to speed on area building and start making Darkemud a better place \:\)

All project completion dates are estimates.

01/24/08 01:21 PM
Re: Project News

I am going to make the best effort possible to try and pump in some quality time in the next couple of weeks. Starting tonight!

02/14/08 02:29 AM
Re: Project News

Update on Project: The Grounds
This project is complete and implemented.

Please post or mudmail me (cerberus@darkemudtest) or email me (cerberus@darkemud.com) any bugs or balance concerns.

02/16/08 01:20 PM
Re: Project News

is it in on live? or removed when we crashed?

02/19/08 12:09 PM
Re: Project News

Grounds recode was removed on crash restore. I'll be putting it back in this week sometime.

02/24/08 09:49 AM
Re: Project News

Grounds recode is back in. Up and running for 13 hours so far, no bugs to speak of, and fixed some minor inconsistencies (thanks go to Prometheus and Zyleaxe on those).