12/14/07 11:46 AM

Clone currently removes all shadows on the target.

This allows for, among other things: getting a holy mission, taking a million damage and casting clone when you have 1 minute left and taking no damage.

12/14/07 11:47 AM
Another clone bug

When clone is about to expire, if you cast living weapon and the weapon is still living while the clone is active it bugs out whatever room it's in.

12/19/07 12:22 AM
Re: Clone

Yes, clone is removing all active spells from caster now.
Almost all, actually.

Some strength booster is still in effect, divine strength from Paladin, I guess. It was removed from active spell list, but stats were still in effect.

Also, long term - extradimesional manipulation - is not interrupted when clone casted. But you couldn't see $lt in promot anymore (you still see each tick though). And you are allowed to train skills like you do nothing at the moment.

Oh well, on other side it gives some advantage to be SM, making them a bit closer to power of other semi guilds :).


12/19/07 06:53 AM
Re: Clone

I'm not sure why SMs were nerfed a bit. I think some arch had it out for them.

Since my last SM the following has been done:

1. Chimeric stack limit reduced
2. Plasma blade stack limit reduced
3. Body Focusation added, and then removed.