are golems the domain of enchanters only? if they are we should have a skill system and spells to create golems for different things. I know I have a golem creation book for rolemaster. but in rolemaster enchanter is more like a runemaster. could have an enchanter beable to create runes in the air to do combat or temp runes that are faster that can be put on people or items.

but golems can be many different types of material. some can be helpful while others can do healing or combat for the enchanter. different types of material do different types of damage. maybe a golem can have a weapon put into it that will give it those weapons special abilities. same with armour. have player created weapons and armour intergrated into the golem would create a very powerful golem.

some powerful golems are very slow while others are small and quick. would be interestings and something that would be needed for any castle or city gates.
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