That sounds fun. Cities don't have enough draws in them currently though, so we'd have to have a lot of area builders around to make it really worth it to build new cities. Stuff like shopkeepers and fountains aren't enough - it would be cool to have bars with Bards in them that hinted about quests or areas, and guards you could fight, and stuff.

The original post was about the map and being able to zoom in to it so you can see closer images of the terrain like the one in your sig, MacTORG. The map image has a grid on it and when you mouse over the map image it shows a tip that says "Drilldown on 500,0 to 599,99" or whatever like it was supposed to be something you could click on to get closer to it and see the terrain.

I think it would help new players to be able to see the sorts of terrain they're near, and also that it would be cool just to see the details of an area from a bird's eye view. No cities or castles or anything like that, just the terrain.
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