I'm pretty sure you can still do this, but if it's been fixed, just ignore me \:\)

If you step on a trans rune that drops you in the sky, you are able to 'move' back down to the ground, just by typing down, and take no damage. So essentially, let's say someone made a cano rune OVER the volcano, you take the initial cano damage, but you can move east a couple times, and down to land on the ground and take no damage from the fall.

Unless you have wings, or magical flying abilities, you should not be able to move in the sky, you should simply freefall and take damage appropriately.

I also don't really enjoy the idea of taking damage everytime you fall 'down' one room, seems silly to take damage for falling in the actual sky, maybe total up the damage, and take it once you've hit the ground. Could give some people time to cast a flying spell, and not hit the ground.