I think the lock activation of 220% is pretty generous really. It used to be 150% and most people could still make some pretty sick weapons. It's been raised 70%!! That's a BIG raise.

I understand how you'd want to always be able to stack more and more on top. What I think would be a better solution and more fair would be if locks activated at the same skill as the person whom the lock was borrowed from.

If you borrowed it from a SM with 100% magery that particular lock would only activate up to 100%. If you borrowed from a necromancer with 280% necromancy it would work up to that limit.

The thing is that the order how things happen on a weapon does matter and it matters for a reason because different people have different casting abilities. If we change it so that locks always pretend like they go first, why not change it so that regular blade spells work the same way? I'll give you a real shadowlands example.

I have a sword-mage. If I want some extra plasma I can get an elementalist to put on some plasma blades. Let's say we both have 150% skill but to stack on what I want would push the weapon up to 180% wield. So both of us could put our spells on it just fine, just not at the same time. If the elementalist had 180% skill however I could cast my spells first then he could cast his. What you're suggesting is that it shouldn't make a difference who goes first (a lock is a 'casted' spell for all practical reasons').

You say there is no change balance-wise but there is a VERY big change balance wise. Let's examine the 2 cases:

1. Chaotic-lord with insane elemental chaos with demon lord sword on top, ALL the time making the weapon totally broken super crazy good.

2. Chaotic-lord with insane elemental chaos with demon lords on top 25% of the time making the weapon super crazy good, but 75% of the time only crazy good.

This makes it more selective as to when you get the extra boost instead of it just being always. Also you COULD just rotate weapons so that if you do need the extra boost you can grab a weapon, activate some locks and go nuts.

I don't think this change is as much a non-issue as you are trying to make it, in fact I think it makes a very HUGE issue don't you think?
If you say plz because it is shorter than please, then I will say no because it is shorter then yes.