Hmmm, I have many things. People without descriptions, yet are high mortals. However, that's simply something that irks me, the least favourite things would be hunting areas. The lack of them. When you get 3 or 4 people hunting in the same area, working on combat, it sort of leaves all 3 or 4 of you out.

Why? - Because, when I fight, I like to be able to fight, and stop when I want to stop, not stop because I need to wait for repops. Yes, I enjoy areas like the temple of shadow in Bir, for their puzzles, but I love areas to grind in too, like goblin town, Vo'sangor harbour, and Kuril. However, when there are more than one person hunting in these places, you start lacking stuff to kill. So, while quality is important, quantity is too.

How to solve it? - Code a "grind area" system, like... let's say an orc cave, that lets you set parameters, boss is level so and so, wields a <insert weapon>, and don't only have one, but multiple instances of the area placed in spots on the world map where orc caves may be. And with the configuration file, you could simply change a few variables, to make one cave level 10, another level 30. And the treasure could scale with it. But, not just orc caves, this system could be used for many areas, could even add random elements to the layout of the caves and such. Kobold towns, goblin caves, orc caves, undead areas, demon filled areas, you could make a lot of different areas.
Solana the Female Gray-elf, Sorceress of the Sword