-= Existing System =-

The party system is a chat channel that only benefits from cleric circle of life and accidental offensive spells.

-= Experience Boost =-

The players in the party system should get a xp bonus, but in order to get it they should be in the same room fighting. The boost should be determined by amount of players fighting in the same room and difference in levels. The exact formula should be determined by the admins. Of course, reasonable suggestions for the formula are more than welcome.

-= Party Spells =-

Currently, the cleric circle of life is the only spell that benefits all the individuals in the party. I would like to see new spells added to the list. I was thinking of ritual casting where a player casts a ritual toggle-able spell and participants in the party stop what they are doing (interrupts all long-terms) and join in the ritual. After the ritual is complete, all participants would gain the benefits of the spell. (ie - Blessing of Agility).

Let me know what your thoughts are on this. I think it's a step in the right direction.