I was wondering if you guys would be interested in having another PK tourney like the one i hosted years ago? If i can get 16 characters to sign up, i would be happy to run one (if somehow i could get 32, that would be even better).

For the purposes of this tourney, players will be allowed to use any number of their hiatus characters to enter and can pull them out with no time delay for the purpose of the tourney only (all characters will go back in hiatus afterwards however with the delays restored). If hiatus characters owned by the same player need to fight each other in a matchup, i will allow them to have both logged on for that fight only, under no other circumstances will the multi-playing be permitted.

Players will be required to provide their own weapons for the tourney, however i will supply a temporary TA/laen suit of gear for anyone that wants to use it (useable only during the fights). If necessary, i can change the wield type of a weapon to suit someones hiatus char and restore it after the fight is over.

If you are interested, let me know by replying to this post and listing the characters that you would like to enter. For balance purposes, demi-gods will not be permitted to participate, they will need to use their other hiatus characters to do so. Hopefully i can get a real good level of interest.