Being a High Mortal is a status thing.
You get such benefits as modifying your title in unique ways.
Speaking on another chat line.
And lastly, you get some kinda of respect because you're huge.

Then you sit around getting even bigger and doing whatever.

I don't know how it is with other HM's, but for myself, having achieved HM status three times I wish there was something more to it.

I propose that Highmortals receive the added benefit of being able to "retire" in fashion.

Far different than rebirthing/deleting your char, a retirement would involve something as cool and nifty as getting your name carved onto a plaque or statue. This Statue could stand in your guild hall as an inspiring guild hero for all newbies to admire.

Some guilds have far more HMs than other guilds. These statues should be objects that you can "look" at and read the list of those who have achieved such an honor.

These statues would be items in a room much like a mob is standing in a room or an object on the floor. -We notice them-. Unlike the description of rooms like, A tree in TS, most know its there but its basically invisible.

Lastly, retiring means deleting your character. You can go out with a bang! Or you can stick around and make your own bang!

Some play for the glory of being big and untouchable/omnipresent. Others play for the fun of leveling.

Let High-mortals have the ability to "retire" in style.

So, what think ye?