We need to get the list of all the changes that will be put in. with a pros and cons. the pros for a pwipe and the cons for a pwipe. and what can be done if a pwipe isn't completed. and a list of what can be done with a pwipe.

We have alot of things to balance out. I don't know much about the balancing because I have never been a player on the mud. so I am not in a possition to make those kind of choices. But I do see the need for some kinda change. That is why the tinker changes went in because of lack of wizards at the time, and the need for some sort of change.

Sorry for the writing, got a C in english grammer, plus english isn't very logical anyway. so pushing out ideas and all as I am typing. so forgive me on that.

I see alot of great changes that we can put in, but with those changes comes growth in other areas. I have seen Darke grow and change as time goes on, but in spurts. Real life can be a pain, and that pain results in not enought time todo things in a true programming project.

Lets get two list on what can be done if a pwipe is done and one that doesn't have a pwipe.

the list without a pwipe will be put in a new topic with those additions from wizards that are able to help with the changes for the pwipe. it takes alot more time on the wizards side to do things that will not affect the players and be tested to make sure it doesn't bug them out.

the list with a pwipe will be in another topic with those additions from wizards that can help with the changes. it will be done faster because we don't have to consider the conversion of those player files and or equipment that is current in the game.

I think the best way would be to get that text in place for all to read. we had an informal meeting thursday night and talked about things. but I think we need to ahve another one to get these two lists together to be posted at once on the forum to be discussed.

I want to hear all sides of this issue so we can all make the choice, but again, those doing the changes have a large say in things because it is the coders time and swet that is put into the mud to keep it going and running smoothly as much as possible.

It is a wonderful gift to get coders that can spend time on the mud they love to better it. and the more we can get into play with the least amount of pain is great, but sometimes change is good. it sparks conflict and growth and new ideas and new friendships.

I personally don't like conflict because that is the way I am. but without putting down the hammer sometimes things get stagnet.

in a since we are a family of mudders. and we need to work as much as we can to make this place a better place for all. Newbies as well need to be considered because without them, things get stagnet as well. need influx of players brings new ideas and new teams to try to take the lead on controlling things in the land of darkemud.

Plus I like to see a more hard core kinda things on the lib. I think the harder it is the funner it is, but with that fun comes pain. and when someone gets to the top it is even more of a thrill. I personally like the one death rule. in the since that if you can get resz'd in a few minutes your player dies perm. but with that death comes points that help you in the new creation process. kinda like family tree benifits. based on the level and or power of the player that died. those benifits could be used to help your next gen player with creation or special skills or family trates or talents.

but that is some other ideas and not sure if they will be worked on.

We all have great ideas, it is a matter of letting others know about them, and having people that see your ideas as good and are willing to help with coding and time is nice.

anyway sorry for the chaotic post. my mind thinks faster than I can type. need a brain recorder like the old time movie.

flame away
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