In all honesty, I've wanted a pwipe for over 2 years. I cided a level 60 char, I've cided close to HM chars. Give me a break. You either like playing the game or you don't. If you don't like playing the game, then maybe propose some changes that will make it so that you will find the game interesting and entertaining at all levels of play.

If you do have suggestions, make them now while people are actively changing things. This game shouldn't be designed so that you only have fun over level 30 overall or whatever your arguments are. Sure, you've invested time to make a big char. Who cares? It will still be fun to play after the pwipe.

The pwipe is needed. Especially the way things are now. And, I'm not saying this because I don't have access to anything and I think things are unfair. It's true what Kim says, some guilds are making insane exp and leveling insanely fast without buffers, and that's completely unfair for some guilds that are limited to under 1 mil exp in an hour.