I think the point at which people would want a pwipe, and why most people seem to want one, is that changes seem to be in the works to limit exp gain.

It isn't fair that say fighters before could make crazy combat exp in an old system, they get to keep their chars, and new fighters be limited by whatever system be put into place.

If there is a major difference in the exp that one person in a guild could achieve at one point compared to a new person in a guild, that in my opinion warrants a pwipe. Because as was previously stated about 50 times, it would be nearly impossible to reach the character who leveled in the old system.

No, adding areas isn't a factor in a pwipe, it's something that I think we need as a whole if we do pwipe, but just because you're adding areas doesn't mean that we need a pwipe. Just like we don't need a pwipe if a new guild is added, unless you're going to be reincing tinkers and chanters (so what, 1\2 the MUD) into this new guild which seems to be based on a completely new system.

Yes, I'm for a pwipe, call me biased, but if we don't need one, then don't do it. A pwipe is warranted when new characters don't have the same advantages as old characters, that's my view. Major EXP changes would then meet that criterion.