Curious thoughts come to mind when I look at Darkemud's system for returning to life. I want to know if players would welcome quest-esque options to praying.

The idea I've come up with is to have a semi-interactive storyline of choices when praying to Risla whose first few times gives a set amount of experience or equipment along with the resurrection. There could be choices ranging from those that would allow a suicide to auto-recreate, to taking the corpse into a safe zone during an automatic story intro/history (think of when game masters took 5 minutes at a campaign's beginning to set up the "feel" of the game), to having to find your way through a maze or resorting to ghouldom, to retrieving facts from historical figures in order to be restored to the corpse, to the simple message received now.

The idea here is to give more options that would allow players new to the game to obtain practical, applicable, and roleplay knowledge of the world. The target, as always, is to not give undue advantage to savvy players while affording new, curious, or bored characters something to work with while getting into the game. Obviously this is a challenge not to be undertaken lightly, so it's by no means on the horizon. Any one have opinions on this idea, expansions on the general Resurrection and Praying theme, or completely new ideas for the return from death to life?
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