Hello all,

Well I am still out of work. it is not to bad because a lot of things have happened and I am still learning and I am still around to help my boys. I am a stay at home dad that takes care of my boys. I have moved from my home of over 13 years because I could not pay my mortgage. oh well. the ex-wife can handle it but I can't. so I am at a new location next door to my dad's home. the house was my sisters and my mother has paid for it so now I am rent free and have no mortgage and the same size home on a 1/4 acher that I can do anything with. so it is not all bad. all I have to do is pay the electric and water/sewer. but the house is a big mess! still trying to unpack and get everything setup right. I am digging a trench from my home to my dad's house to get dedicated network connection from his internet provider so that I do not have to use the wireless connection all the time.

so I have been busy and I have had some life changing events in my life in the last few months.

I am very sorry for those that have tried to contact me but not having internet all the time and trying to move because I was being evicted is not fun!

but my boys are going to my hold jr/sr high school. that is a plus!

thanks for all your support and staying around on the mud.

To Live is to Learn, To Die is to Graduate.