-=-In The Balance-=-

[- : Pyrax] Olgad, you just missed Nait.
[War : Huck] Fuck it, I go to kill!
[War : Dakra] Get Rellik that bastard I can't take him!
[darke] Ruck touches the glowing symbol on his axe. "This is
[darke] Ruck raises his axe and heads into battle.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "I can't take those plasma hits."
[- : Turl] Is Dakra on our side?
[War : Dakra] Is Ruck to be killed?

[DEATH] Warlock was just slaughtered by Farky.

[- : Rellik] Don't think so.
[- : Thamr] Malhavoc is south of the tinkers, down by old paladin guild.
[War : Malhavoc] Sure.

[DEATH] Turl was just murdered by Dakra.

[- : Divet] We need to group and try to split them.
[War : Porthos] He he, well Tyyx just took a beating.
[War : Maelstrom] Where are they all?
[darke] Tyyxyin growls as Porthos attacks him as he is lost out in the
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Damnit I'M lost!

[DEATH] Ruck was just murdered by Dakra.

[- : Torque] Give me a resistance to stun, Dravis!
[- : Torque] Let's go kill 'em all!
[darke] Garkin laughs, pleased.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "They are all fire shielded, and have elemental
pressences, it's horrid!"
[ - info ] Warlock has joined the party.
[-] Torque nods.
[- : Dravis] Where are they?
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : I can handle any of them if I freaking get any
spells, I've said that before.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Spell protection doesn't help against those hits."
[- : Torque] Follow allow me, Dravis.
[- : Thamr] Malhavoc was south on Iron Trail.
[War] Maelstrom fades into the shadows.
[War : Naitachal] Where they at?
[darke] Beldin runs to the Tinker guild and kneels before Job. "Milord, may
I borrow your key? I must see if I can find some clue to the
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : But nobody wants to seem to spell me up.
[- : Turl] South of Akkad now, Dakra and Naitachal.
[War : Huck] I hunt!
Garkin secretly tells The Spy: "Where are they now?"
[War : Dakra] Where should we go, there's only so much I can do alone.
[darke] Job groans, and asks for the aid of the Forest-Dragons.
[- : Rellik] Any shields would be appreciated.
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Sigh, I'm lost.
[- : Torque] City.
[- : Torque] Porthos.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Torque, if you can throw some holy aura's on people."
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : I never said that Pyrax, you dipstick.
[-] Torque nods to Olgad.
[- : Torque] Tower.
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : But I can't amount to a hill of beans without spells
against people fully spelled.
[- : Thamr] Rez when possible, I'm in tower.
[- : Rellik] Full...thanks.
[- : Pyrax] Well, we need to locate their headquarters.
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : I just find the fact that I was asked to join and die
and not given any help so I can maybe last a few rounds is a
bit one sided.
[- : Torque] Find Garkin's imposter, and you find them.
[War] Garkin checks their location with his spies.
The Spy replies: "Tower, I believe."
[War : Porthos] Gonna hit Beldin soon.
[War : Farky] I am a blade...give me a target that I may strike.
[War : Huck] Nait, don't kill me.
[War : Naitachal] I won't.
[War : Malhavoc] Naitachal and Dakra have been spotted.
[War : Porthos] Run guys!
[War : Porthos] Tyyx may not be fighting, but he is scouting.
[War] Malhavoc nods.
[War] Dakra nods, "Tyyx saw me."

[DEATH] Malhavoc separates Tyyxyin's soul and body.

[- : Pyrax] Do we have the help of no Arch-Magi?
[ - info ] The ghost of Tyyxyin has joined the party.
[- : Rellik] When you die, tell Torque or Dravis where.
[- : Tyr] Unfortunately, no.
[- : Torque] Hmm, where did they summon you Tyyx?
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Where did he summon you to Tyyx?"
[War : Huck] Find him! I want him!
[War : Farky] Fuck yeah!
[War : Naitachal] heheh!
[War : Dakra] Edanomel is here with me.....
Garkin secretly tells The Spy: "WHAT? By Tower Wood??"
[darke] Beldin sighs at the sight of so much blood.
[- : Pyrax] Heh. Can you scry Garkin?
[- : Torque] No one has scry but the Arch-Magi, I don't think.
[- : Pyrax] Ahh, I thought Tyr was Arch-Mage.
[- : Turl] Naitachal is still a league south of Akkad.
[- : Beldin] Don't high Sword-Mages as well?
[War : Porthos] Where is everyone at?
The Spy tells you: "No, tower in Akkad, inside with a healing rune."
[War : Naitachal] 1 league south of the docks.
[War : Dakra] I'm near Akkad.
Garkin replies to The Spy: "Ah..."
[darke] Torque wonders if Malhavoc is such a weakling.
[- : Turl] Watch out, she is spelled up hard.
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Please rez, my corpse is at the old nightblade guild
in the slums north and west of Tranquility Square.
[- : Rellik] Who?
[- : Blackforge] ===[] \*/ []=== Not anymore, Beldin.
[- : Torque] Need another indom if you can spare it, Dravis.
[War : Huck] Near Akkad.
[War : Naitachal] Rellik our enemy?
[War : Farky] Yes, most definitely.
[War : Porthos] Yep, unfortunately.
[War : Dakra] Yes, Rellik was on me.
[War : Porthos] He'd rather be on this side though.
[War : Dakra] Hehe, Porthos.
[darke] Naitachal growls, " K'thach be DAMNED, for taking my brother..."
[darke] Job leaves the Greater Forge, and lopes with all speed to Tower
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Uhmm, should I just pray? I ain't risking my corpse
[darke] Beldin gathers himself and follows Job.
[- : Dravis] I'm trying to give you a warrior's return.
[- : Tyr] Any NightBlades in the party?
[War : Dakra] Someone coordinate us!
[War] Garkin nods...