-=-The Tide Turns-=-

[DEATH] Rellik slaughters Huck in a combat frenzy.

[- : Torque] Woo! A win!
[- : Pyrax] Way to go, Rellik!
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "You take those elemental pressence hits Rell?"
[War : Farky] Where is he?
[War] Garkin seems distracted from the battle by something.
[darke] Bobkat lays down in the plains outside Akkad in the shadows and
relaxing, watching the ensuing battles.
[- : Turl] Farky is in Akkad now!
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Damn no more Fury"
[- : Turl] Just passed Tranquility Square!
[- : Rellik] Damn it, I lost an arm.
[- : Thamr] Could I get a warrior's return, Dravis?
[War : Garkin] Right...The forces of light are healing in the Tower of
Justice, Ironically enough.
[War : Huck] Damn, I hurt him!
[darke] Beldin takes up pounding on the tower door again.

[DEATH] Divet is vanquished by Naitachal in a disgusting battle.
[DEATH] Naitachal DESTROYS Turl in a battle to the death!
[DEATH] Historians will tell of the ghost of Divet's revenge over
Naitachal in a battle to the death!
[DEATH] The ghost of Naitachal reaches out from death to slay Olgad!

[- : Rellik] Nabbed Huck...
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "This is getting ugly."
[War : Porthos] Are they hurt?
[War : Dakra] Where was that?
[War : Porthos] Tower.
[darke] Garkin raises an eyebrow as he receives word from an
Imp. Looking concerned he whispers some words to
the Imp. The Imp flies off. "Kill him."
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : I'm getting out of it.
[- : Thamr] Do I need to go to the Temple, I'm going to lose my corpse
if I haven't already.
[- : Torque] Did you resist stun me, Dravis?
[War : Porthos] Where is this tower?
[War : Huck] He always is!
[War : Porthos] I wanna kill Beldin.
[darke] Beldin glances around at a sound of claws near the door.
[- : Divet] Let's move. We have to stay on move and start jumping them.
[War : Garkin] In Akkad...No. I've got it handled, Porthos.
[War : Naitachal] That should hamper there healing efforts.
[War : Dakra] Dravis and Torque in tower.
[War : Garkin] We need you at the front.
[War : Garkin] Huck, Nait, you know where the runes are?
[War : Porthos] How badly are they hurt in there?
Garkin secretly tells The Spy: "How badly wounded are they?"
[War : Naitachal] Yeah, not sure how bad.
The Spy replies: "Pretty bad, they're healing right now."
[War : Dakra] Porthos, where are you? Presence.
[War : Malhavoc] Gonna try and kill Torque now.
The Spy secretly tells Garkin: "You guys are doing well, they're having
problems with the plasma attacks, keep them up."
[War : Porthos] They are outside Akkad.
[War : Garkin] The plasma crits are harming them. They are pretty badly
[darke] Beldin looks at the door, but doesn't see anything. He resumes
pounding on the door, glancing over his shoulder.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "These plasma hits are tearing me up...One of the
few hits I don't protect against."
[darke] Job lopes through DrakonWood.
[darke] Thamr leaves the battle.

[DEATH] Dravis and Dakra battled and Dakra lost.

[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Go you!!
[- : Rellik] Energy shields?
[darke] Beldin shrieks as an imp hurls into the room, striking him on his
chitinous back.
[darke] Beldin twists, drawing his sword.
[- : Turl] Porthos is 2 leagues south of Akkad now, outside the city.
[War : Dakra] Dravis went east past Tranquility Square just now.
[darke] Tyyxyin pounds on the door loudly, his four fists cracking the
wooden door.
[darke] Malhavoc peers to Torque and grins.
[War : Dakra] He's terrible injured from me.
[darke] Thamr bows to forces of chaos.
[- : Pyrax] You still have them, Rellik.
[- : Rellik] Damn!
[darke] Beldin steps to the side, spitting the imp on his frosted blade.
[War : Malhavoc] Damn, wish I'd known that a second ago.
[War : Dakra] He walked in while I was spelling up.
[darke] Garkin nods, noting the paladin's attack, and is so distracted on
those events, he does not see Dakra fall in battle.
[darke] Tyyxyin begins slamming his fists hard against the door, hoping to
open it for the young paladin.
[- : Rellik] I've got like 3 different ones and all I know is that a
protection spell wears off.
[- : Pyrax] But you're taking the force ones.
[- : Divet] I got an idea, lets get Mal trapped in a mine and kill him.
[- : Pyrax] Heh. How?
[- : Turl] A league north of Akkad; No Porthos.

[DEATH] Turl was just murdered by Porthos.
[DEATH] Tyyxyin slaughters Porthos in a combat frenzy.
[DEATH] Huck is vanquished by Torque in a disgusting battle.

[- : Torque] Heh, Malhavoc just summoned me and did no damage.
[- : Divet] Get him to teleport to us.
[- : Rellik] Nice!
[darke] Beldin pants slightly and looks up to the sky. "Thank you Celeborn
for the Imposter only sending a minor imp."
[darke : Tyyxyin] You slowly lose, Garkin.
[- : Divet] Where ya at Torque?
[darke : Tyyxyin] You will not win in the end.