-=-The Burning of Tower Wood-=-

[DEATH] Porthos and Torque disagreed and Porthos died as a result.

[War : Malhavoc] arg, Torque isn't going down!
[darke] Job says, "I am almost there!"
[darke] Tyyxyin slams on the door again with his fists.
[darke] Garkin howls in rage as the Paladin claims another!
[darke] Job reaches Tower Wood, and enters.
[darke] Tyyxyin roars loudly, hoping to get within the tower.
[- : Divet] Porthos is at the gates of Akkad.
[darke] Job arrives at Tower Wood, out of breath and panting.

[DEATH] Turl murders Huck in cold blood.

[War : Garkin] Dakra, Port, are you on runes?
[darke] Tyyxyin ceases his slamming on the wooden door.
[War : Garkin] It is time we used Our spy.
[darke] Divet thinks the side of light is having a turn around.
[darke] Job catches his breath.

[DEATH] Dakra was just slaughtered by Edanomel D'rah.

[darke] Tyyxyin looks to the master of Tower Wood and gestures to the
cracked and splintered door.
[darke] Job unlocks the wooden door with his key.
[darke] Beldin bows to Job.
[darke] Job opens the door.
[- : Turl] Go, Edanomel!
[- : Rellik] Heh, Pyrax, you rock!
[War : Porthos] Olgad is in kuril.
[darke] Tyyxyin leads his blade in.
Garkin invokes the enchantments upon his weapon.
[darke] Job wearily climbs a flight of stairs.
[-] Pyrax grins, "You don't know the half of it."
[darke] Beldin follows slowly, glancing behind him.
[darke] Tyyxyin follows carefully behind Job, his blade ready for any
[War : Garkin] Follow allow, Port?
[darke] Job fumbles with the key, trying to unlock the vault door.
[ War info ] Dakra has been invited to join the party.
[darke] Job succeeds in unlocking the vault door, and Tyyxyin throws
it open and leaps through!
Olgad stumbles in mumbling to himself, a crazed half mad look in his eyes.
[War : Porthos] I gotta heal some serious here.
[ War info ] Dakra has joined the party.
[War : Dakra] Fuck! I was killing Warlock 'til Edanomel joined in.
[darke] Garkin snarls..."They're at the Tower! Don't let them in!"
[- : Torque] Up?
[War : Malhavoc] Damn!
[darke] Job says, "My lord!"
[darke] Job watches and Beldin and Olgad climb the stairs behind him,
and are assaulted by the protective "�" rune.
Rune flames Beldin, giving him many painful burns.
Rune lights a small, but scorching fire on Olgad.
Rune fires up Beldin's face with glowing sparks.
Rune flames Olgad, who struggles to smother the searing danger.
Beldin is knocked down.
Olgad is unbalanced from Rune's attack.
[darke] Garkin caresses The symbol of a High-Enchanter of Marghuul.
[- : Rellik] Which side is Ruck on?
[- : Torque] Ours, I think.
[War : Porthos] Ed is now killable!
[darke] Beldin staggers to his knees, blasted by an exploding rune.
[darke] Tyyxyin roars and grabs Beldin, holding his cousin up as a rune hits
[darke : Tyyxyin] It will be okay little cousin.
[darke] Job examines the entrance to Garkin's workroom, finding an
unfamiliar door.
Olgad casts a spell, and the image of Olgad shimmers behind an energy void.
[darke] Garkin looks truly panicked.
[darke] Job fumbles with the key in the lock.
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord grins as Edanomel joins in the fight, saving
Warlock from a fiery death.
[War : Porthos] Garkin, next time let me handle it?
[darke] Job says, "The key does not work!"
[darke] Torque gets to the castle.
Torque sprints up the stairs, radiating an aura of holiness.
[darke : Divet] It must be locked by an evil magic!
[War : Garkin] Damnation...Hells, yes, Porthos... If there IS a
next time for me.
[darke] Edanomel will aid his guildmaster in any venture.
[darke] Tyyxyin curses and slams his fists into the door in a poor attempt
to break it down.
[- : Divet] What are the directions to Tower Wood?
[- : Dravis] Where?
[- : Torque] 18 leagues east, 2 leagues south.
[War : Malhavoc] Come on deus machina wear off!
[War : Porthos] Beldin woulda been long away from there.
[darke] Divet runs to Tower Wood.
[- : Dravis] Man, it is tough to stay spelled!
[darke] Tyyxyin growls deeply from within his throat as the door doesn't
break under his hits.
Olgad looks around paranoid then sees something! His eyes widen in terror
and he flees screaming to the east.
Olgad stumbles in mumbling to himself, a crazed half mad look in his eyes.
Rune flames Olgad, who struggles to smother the searing danger.
Rune flames Olgad, giving him many painful burns.
Olgad is spun about by the ferocity of Rune's attack.
Olgad chuckles politely.
Olgad likes these runes, they tickle.
[War : Porthos] Wish I had some way to heal up here.
[darke] Job says, "The workroom is south of the common area."
[darke] Beldin looks at the door Job has tried to open.
[War : Farky] Where is everyone?
[War] Garkin hasn't got much.
[War : Porthos] Are they breaking into yer castle?
[darke] Job swears, the key won't fit.
Torque casts a spell, and surrounds himself with an armour of his faith.
Malhavoc appears from the shadows.
Rune burns holes in Malhavoc's skin, and there is a smell of cooking
kidneys. Rune fires up Malhavoc's face with glowing sparks.
Malhavoc is severely unbalanced by Rune's attack.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a teleport spell, and fades into the shadows.
Torque falls down laughing.
Torque casts a spell, instilling himself with the divine might of Celeborn.
[darke] Torque wonders why Malhavoc keeps bothering him with these bee
[darke] Tyyxyin wonders if Job would like the door broke down?
[- : Torque] D'oh!
[War : Porthos] Shit, Warlock might be able to bash the lock.
[War : Malhavoc] Ouch, found exploding rune.
[War : Dakra] ROCK Edanomel is giving me tells saying how I almost killed
Dravis with my presence hehehehe!
Olgad casts a spell, and inscribes a healing rune on the floor.
[War] Dakra struts.
[darke] Beldin calls upon Celeborn in an attempt to lend Job strength.
[darke] Job jumps through the castle, finding an alternate way through the
door, a passage only a dog could use.
Rune burns Job with bright flames that boil flesh from his hands.
Rune sends snakes of flame hissing over Job's boiling body.
Rune's blow breaks Job's arm.
[darke] Job recovers a key from the far side of the Garkin's Workroom,
and dodging the Chromium Dragon returns to Torque and Olgad.
[darke : Garkin] Soldiers of Marghuul... To the base of Tower wood! They
have to be stopped!
[darke] Job manages to get the proper key, and wearily falls to the ground
in pain.
[War : Dakra] I wanna take out Warlock and Edan now.
[darke : Malhavoc] I will not stop until you fail, Torque.
[- : Torque] Dravis, we are gonna need you here.
[- : Dravis] Where?
[War : Garkin] 18 leagues east and 2 leagues south of Akkad.
[War : Porthos] This should not be in this war.
[darke] Torque thinks you are gonna be at it a long time then.
[darke] Job holds his broken arm.
[- : Dravis] Where?

[DEATH] Edanomel and Naitachal battled and Naitachal lost.

[darke] Malhavoc chuckles.
[ - info ] Stonecold has joined the party.
[- : Torque] 18 leagues east and 2 south of Akkad.
[-] Stonecold bows.
[darke] Job holds his roiling stomach, and reaches out and unlocks the door.
[- : Dravis] I'm here!
[- : Turl] Edanomel is kickin'!
[- : Torque] Heh.
[-] Blackforge nods to Stonecold.
[War : Malhavoc] If I could just get another suggestion on him, he'd be
[darke] Garkin watches as the soldiers fall down among him, racing for the
[- : Torque] Come up.
[- : Divet] If you have the spare mana, could I get a holy blade?
[- : Dravis] He's killing more than we are.
[darke] Thamr invites Huck to the greater forge and asks that he bring
his boots along.
[darke] Torque offers to enter first.
Torque says in Common: "North?"
Olgad says in Common: "West aaaww-yeah believe"
Olgad says in Common: "West I believe"
[darke] Job says, "Be wary!"
[- : Turl] Huck is 4 leagues south of Akkad.
[darke] Job says, "The room, it attacked me!"
[- : Edanomel D'rah] Howdy.
[darke] Porthos shakes his head, thinking that perhaps we have found the
true thieves of late.
[- : Torque] Dravis, get up here!
[- : Dravis] Where?
[- : Rellik] Where ya at?
[- : Dravis] Where?
[- : Torque] We need you to resist stun me and we go west!

[DEATH] Farky murders Ruck in cold blood.

[darke] Job groans and grabs at his arm, bent and twisted in ruin, scorched
by flame.
[- : Torque] In Tower Wood, go up.
[War : Porthos] I need a presence.
[darke : Beldin] The Workshop?
[darke : Edanomel D'rah] Who?
[- : Torque] We need to go west.
[- : Turl] Naitachal is a few leagues south and east of Akkad.
[War : Farky] Where Porth?
[War : Porthos] I'm outside Akkad.
Dravis Darlock walks up the stairs, emanating a powerful holy glow.
[darke : Tyyxyin] It is very dark.
[- : Turl] Porthos is a league west Akkad now.
[- : Dravis] What is west?
[War : Farky] Come to the guild of elementalism.
[War : Porthos] Dakra found me.
[darke : Tyyxyin] Can anyone summon some light?
[- : Torque] Don't know...be ready.
[War] Malhavoc prays.
[War : Farky] Never mind, then.
[War : Dakra] Rellik just passed by.
[War : Farky] Rellik was wandering around.
[darke] Beldin prays to Celeborn, healing Job's arm of burns, but the bone
refuses to mend.
[- : Pyrax] You're still spelled up, Rellik.
[- : Turl] Naitachal is outside Akkad now.
[- : Divet] It's locked.
[- : Dravis] I'm ready!
[- : Divet] Be ready in a sec.
[War : Dakra] Where was Edanomel, Nait?
[War : Malhavoc] Hoping that rune doesn't hit me again.
[darke] Garkin quietly picks his way to the tower...
[- : Turl] In city now!
[- : Dravis] Lost resist?
[-] Torque nods.
[- : Dravis] Go!
[War : Naitachal] Wandering just happen so wander into me.
[darke] Beldin shakes his head, "I'm sorry milord Job. I can do no better
than that."
[War : Dakra] I found Warlock!

[The scene above Garkin's Workroom:
Only your keen sense of perception enabled you to notice the
trapdoor embedded in the workshop ceiling. You lift yourself
through the tiny portal and find yourself in a dusty attic.
Stacks of books are scattered EVERYWHERE in this dust-ridden
room, and looks as if it has not been tended to in some time.
You see old chairs and tomes everywhere--piled so high the
stacks seem to teeter crazily above you. It smells of old
parchment and must. You notice tracks in the dust.

The only obvious exit is down.

Olgad the Male Gnome
Dravis Darlock, Prodigy of K'thach
The ghost of Beldin
The ghost of Tyyxyin
Tinker Divet works for large sums of money[UPGRADEING TOOLS]
Torque the Male High-elf, Justicar of Celeborn

A large chest (closed), an exploding rune, the corpse of The ghost of
Beldin, the corpse of Dragon, and a very fine jeweled longsword.

Garkin is here, bound and gagged and apparently in the throes of a powerful
sleep spell. Wounds and blast marks cover his tattered robes.

[DEATH] Dakra murders Warlock in cold blood.

[- : Torque] West or east?
[- : Beldin] South.
[War : Porthos] Rock!
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord grins.
[darke] Malhavoc is beginning to get frustrated.
[-] Torque nods.
[-] Beldin waits to follow.
[War : Dakra] Rellik is going south from Tranquility Square.
Garkin is knocked to the ground by an unseen shield!
[darke] Malhavoc gives it another try anyway.
[- : Turl] Naitachal is a league south of Akkad.
[darke : Malhavoc] Damn you, I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!
[- : Torque] Ready, Dravis?
[- : Dravis] Yeah.

[DEATH] Edanomel was just slaughtered by Farky.

[War : Porthos] Is anyone in the castle?
[War : Dakra] Rellik hunts Akkad.
[darke] Job says, "I have much wandered in the ruins of the workroom."
[War : Garkin] You're not the only one. Which castle?
[War : Porthos] Yer castle.
[War : Farky] Rellik's healing battery killed Edanomel!
[War : Malhavoc] Hah!
[darke] Job says, "Never before has there been a door, nor has the room
been darke nor has it attacked me."
[darke] Torque removes the binds from Garkin.

[DEATH] Turl and Farky disagreed and Turl died as a result.

[War : Porthos] What's in yer castle?
[darke] Malhavoc makes one last attempt.
[- : Dravis] What the hell is going on?
[- : Torque] D'oh!
[- : Torque] Rune is getting them!
[-] Tyyxyin clicks : Dravis, can you get me corpse?
[- : Turl] Porthos is in Tranquility Square now.
[War : Dakra] Rellik is near TS!

[DEATH] Job crumples in a heap of bloody tissue at the feet of Garkin.

[darke] Garkin stares at the bloody corpse at his feet and kicks it.
[War : Malhavoc] Shit, should have a freaking BAG, aRGAARRag
[darke] Grishknash disagrees with the death of Job...a neutral one.
[-] Dravis can't carry anything.
[War : Dakra] He fled!
[darke] Torque prays over the sleeping form of Garkin.
[War : Farky] Give Rellik time for his spells to wear off...
[War : Dakra] He must be near death.
[War : Malhavoc] Who?
[darke] Thamr goes to gather his equipment.
[- : Dravis] Why are we on this rune?
[-] Torque nods.
[- : Rellik] God damn, presence is a bitch!
[War : Dakra] Rellik, he fled from me in combat.
[bid] Bobkat wonders that if by some slim chance amidst all this
chaos, that someone wants to buy mithril or boer coins,
then thinks nah...they never want to do that.
[- : Torque] We need to get Garkin up here.
[-] Dravis duhs.
[- : Rellik] I think I hurt myself more than I did Dakra.
[War] Garkin snarls. "They've found the stutterer!"
[bid] Malhavoc punches Bobkat.
[darke] Garkin snarls and quietly approaches the base of the tower.
[- : Rellik] Just kill Farky...kill that bastard and you take out one of their
presence people!
[darke : Torque] The fiend is not Garkin!
Malhavoc appears from the shadows in the attic.
Rune ignites Malhavoc, causing him to scream in agony and struggle to
extinguish the scorching fire.
Malhavoc plummets hard to the ground!
Rune sends snakes of flame hissing over Malhavoc's boiling body.
Malhavoc staggers, severely unbalanced by Rune's attack.
Malhavoc casts a mental suggestion at Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a spell. Uttering the words 'zil asha hjul', he hits Torque.
Malhavoc casts a teleport spell.
Malhavoc fades into the shadows.
[-] Pyrax is a sputter-holic.
[-] Torque nods.
[- : Divet] We need to find the bad Garkin.
[War : Porthos] Garkin, anything I can do?
[War : Farky] Where does Rellik lie?
[War : Garkin] They're upstairs, Porthos...But runes prevent you from
getting there.
[War : Dakra] He was near Tranquility Square when we fought.
[War : Farky] Dakra, join me!
[War : Porthos] So I can't do anything?
[War : Farky] Ruck and Warlock are in the Tower of Justice.
[War] Dakra nods, "Saw that."
[War : Dakra] I already took out Ruck and Warlock, though.
[darke] Garkin slowly begins to gain consciousness...
[- : Pyrax] Rellik, you're still shielded.
[War : Malhavoc] Would have really helped if Kojin was here.
[darke] Olgad gets thrown across the castle by a blast from an exploding
rune and lands with a sickening THUD!
[- : Turl] Farky is in Tranquility Square, now.
[darke] Divet asks Olgad if he is all right.
[darke] Porthos growls softly in his throat, turning away in disgust.
[darke] Job painfully sits in the corner of the room, avoiding the presence
of an exploding rune.
[ - info ] Kirin has joined the party.
[-] Kirin says, "What's up?"
[- : Torque] Garkin is an imposter. We are with his bound body right now.
[- : Kirin] Where?
[- : Torque] Tower Wood. 18 leagues east and 2 leagues south of Akkad.
[darke : Garkin] Damnit! He's waking up...Soldiers, to me, if you can.
[- : Divet] We going to try and make a stand at his body?
[War : Porthos] Garkin, can I go up?
[War : Farky] The runes may slay you.
[War] Porthos shrugs.
[War : Garkin] Don't go in. Garkin is mine.
[War : Porthos] I am willing to try.
[darke] Olgad stands slowly his face indistinguishable, a gruesome
disfiguration of melted flesh due to earlier plasma attacks.
[darke] Garkin turns to the forces assembled. "Garkin is mine...Keep the
others off of me."
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord bows low.
[darke : Garkin] And don't touch him!
[-] Kirin says, "On my way."
[- : Pyrax] Is everyone inside the tower? I'm going to lay a nasty rune outside.
[- : Turl] Lots of baddies in the tower! Porthos, Naitachal...
[War : Farky] Rellik 8 leagues east and 8 leagues south of Akkad.
[War : Farky] Join me, Dakra, in our quest for blood.
[darke] Garkin wakes, looking up at his friends.

[DEATH] Rellik was just slaughtered by Farky.

[darke] Torque roars at the return of his friend.
[War] Dakra nods to Farky. "Meet at guild."
[darke : Garkin] "T-two! Th-there's another!"