-=-The Return of Garkin Gnoll-=-

[darke] Garkin chuckles darkly.
[War : Dakra] Strike him?
[War : Naitachal] What is up?
[War : Garkin] No! He's mine!!
Garkin starts to grow to the size of a House!
[War : Farky] Greater Essential blade.
[darke] Malhavoc curses and spits.
[darke] Porthos growls slowly, wondering what is happening.
[- : Rellik] Fuckin' cock sucker!
[War : Porthos] Can I kill Turl?
Naitachal begins casting a spell.
[darke] Beldin turns to Garkin, "Are both of the others evil or merely
[War : Naitachal] Yes!
[darke] Garkin holds off the forces gathered at Tower Wood...He knows the
time is approaching.
[-] Kirin says, "Who are we fighting?"

[DEATH] Turl is vanquished by Porthos in a pitiful slaughter.

[- : Torque] Be wary, Kirin...are you armed and ready?
[-] Kirin says, "Yes, can you direct me?"

[DEATH] Garkin's rune murders Kirin in a fiery blaze.

[- : Stonecold] D'oh!
[War : Porthos] Could I get a presence, Nait?
[War : Naitachal] Of course.
[War : Farky] Porthos, where are you guys?
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord cackles.
[darke] Garkin rises to his feet. "T-torque...I c-can s-sense him. H-he's
[War : Porthos] Tower Wood.
[darke] Garkin cackles.
[darke] Torque nods.
[- : Divet] Ack, beat to death.
[War : Porthos] Kill Torque! Come quick!
[darke : Garkin] No! D-don't kill them, S-soldiers!!
[War : Malhavoc] I've been trying to kill Torque for the last 3 hours.
[darke : Garkin] No! Don't kill them, Porthos!
[War : Malhavoc] Where is the Tower?
[darke] Beldin watches horrified as Kirin is summoned to his presence, only
to be slaughtered by the powerful rune.
[War : Garkin] He's mine...
[War : Farky] 18 leagues east and 2 south of Akkad.
[darke] Porthos snarls, deciding to rely on instinct rather than words.
[War : Malhavoc] Gonna put some dragons there.
[War : Porthos] Woo Woo!
[darke] Garkin leaves the room and heads downstairs.
[War : Porthos] Hurry man, come to Tower Wood!
Dakra casts essential blade at an unsurpassed knife.
Dakra smirks.
[darke] Garkin looks up as he sees Garkin descend the stairs.
Dragon arrives.
[War : Malhavoc] Heh, I can't sit there and wait for them to attack me.
[War : Dakra] Which is our Garkin?
[darke] Garkin stares as his double, both of them stunned, in the foyer of
Tower Wood.
Dragon smiles at his master.
[War : Porthos] I don't know.
[darke : Divet] We must defend Garkin from Garkin!
[- : Dravis] Everyone in this room better be in the party because I'm going to
cast an area spell when this hits.
[War : Farky] Garkin 2 is ours.
[darke] Garkin chuckles darkly.
[- : Turl] They are all in that tower 18 east, 2 south of Akkad.
[- : Torque] So are we.
[War : Porthos] We can kill anyone besides Garkin right?
[War : Maelstrom] What? 2 Garkin's?
[War] Porthos nods.
[War : Porthos] Don't attack any Garkin's no matter what.
[War : Farky] Will we die if we go up?
[War : Maelstrom] Instructions?
[- : Dravis] What's with this dragon?
[- : Torque] ?
[- : Divet] That would not be a good place to area, it will area back.
[- : Dravis] Oh. Well that sucks big time.
[darke : Garkin] "A proposal...Garkin..."
[darke] Garkin sneers.
[War : Porthos] Block up!
Porthos blocks the up exit.
[- : Torque] Olgad, are you dropping the runes?
[- : Divet] Drop a gate rune.
[- : Dravis] These runes suck...I don't see why we have to hang out on them.
[darke] Beldin stares aghast at the two identical Garkin's.
[darke] Garkin looks over his evil duplicate.
Farky blocks the up exit.
Dakra blocks the out exit.
Job looks over Garkin.
[darke] Garkin nods in agreement.
[darke : Garkin] "If y-you b-best m-me, the w-war is w-won."
[darke] Divet is confused by which Garkin is Garkin.
[darke : Garkin] "Yes...And if you win...The war will end...For now."
Dakra looks over Garkin.
Maelstrom bows respectfully with a fluid, graceful sweep of his hand.
[War : Farky] I suppose we can't throw a presence on our Garkin.
Porthos ponders the situation.
Dakra begins casting a spell.
The rune heals you.
Dakra cast an elemental presence at Garkin.
[- : Divet] Can you dispel them?
[War : Maelstrom] Nice poison rune.
[darke] Garkin nods, and the two leave the tower to fight alone.
[- : Divet] Can you dispel them?
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "East of Akkad in the forest."
[- : Pyrax] Yes, runes can be dispelled.
[- : Rellik] If anyone sees Farky, yell.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Only delay."
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "Never thought I'd have a need for dispel and
delaying here is bad."
Maelstrom begins casting a spell.
[War] Garkin grins..."Thank you..."