-=-The Final Battle-=-

[The scene:
It is very bright.
The Foyer at Tower Wood
You stand within an immense wooden structure, which rises to towering
heights above you. The skill and craftsmanship of such a building is
beyond comprehension. There is not a single bit of metal in the
frame-work of the tower. Upon the north wall is inscribed the symbol
of DrakonWood Forest, the likeness of a Forest-Dragon.
There is a door over the up exit.

There are two obvious exits: up and out.

Farky the Shocking Sword-demon
Able the Chromium Dragon
Dakra the Male High-man
Garkin the Male Gnoll, stands facing his twin.
Garkin the Male Gnoll, stands facing his twin.
Naitachal, Vampiric Priest of the Bloody Red X
Job the Male Vulfen
Porthos the Male Drow-elf, Warlord of the Bloody Red X ]

Maelstrom interrupts his spell.
[- : Dravis] I don't know, I'm lost in here.
[- : Dravis] I did preserve his corpse though.
[- : Olgad] >-]+++++> "It's o.k. to go west for Torque's position."
[- : Torque] Someone had it.
[- : Beldin] Anybody in here have some food or drink?
[- : Torque] Heal yourself, Kirin.
[- : Pyrax] Somewhere southeastish. Ask Dravis and others for more details.
[War : Maelstrom] which is our Garkin, 1st or 2nd?
[War : Farky] 2nd.
[War : Porthos] Enlarge him.
[darke] Garkin snarls and attacks his clone.
Garkin begins casting a spell.
Porthos readies his weapons, standing prepared for whatever is about to
Garkin casts a spell, which fails miserably.
Leaping in the air and coming down swiftly, Garkin slices Garkin with
unsuspected force.
Garkin jolts Garkin with potent electricity.
With a mighty heave, Garkin slices Garkin, throwing Garkin back several feet.
Garkin slices Garkin rather hard.
Letting out a monstrous battle cry, Garkin slices Garkin, slicing Garkin nearly
in twain.
Garkin hammers Garkin so hard in the back that his spine is split between two
middle vertebrae! Garkin's contorted corpse falls in shock to the ground!
[darke] Job looks up, and up, and up at Garkin.

[DEATH] Garkin slaughters Garkin in a battle frenzy!

Porthos cheers enthusiastically.
Naitachal looks over Garkin.
Porthos looks over Garkin.
Dakra looks over Garkin.
Porthos acks.
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord watches as Garkin dies horribly...but which
was it?
[darke : Divet] Garkin is that you?
[darke : Beldin] But can we be sure?
[- : Torque] Someone had it.
[- : Divet] I got stuff from his corpse.
[- : Torque] Did you have his corpse?
[- : Divet] I had it, it decayed I think.
[- : Dravis] I perm preserved it in this tower somewhere.
[War] Garkin howls in frustration! I have failed my Lord!!
[War : Dakra] Heh, now we have 2 dead Garkin's.
[War] Malhavoc sighs.
[darke] Naitachal looks at the two corpses of Garkin.
[darke] Torque raises his eyebrows?
[- : Dravis] Is there going to be a fight here or what? I'm
getting stir crazy!
[- : Rellik] Anyone seen Farky or is he hiding in the guildmaster
Porthos gets a crazed look on his face.......
[darke] Garkin looks beaten and torn...Scorch marks line his body...
Garkin smiles revealing yellowed teeth.
Naitachal grins lopsidedly.
[darke] Garkin smiles, revealing yellowed teeth.
[darke] Malhavoc pops up and gives Torque a quick slap lowering his
eyebrows, then disappears.
[darke : Divet] This Garkin's isn't stuttering.
[darke : Garkin] "The War..."
[darke] Porthos smiles as the "Evil" Garkin falls before his enemies.
[darke] Kirin thinks that's the real Garkin.
[darke : Garkin] "Is o-v-over."
[darke] Torque looks at Garkin closely.
[darke] Job sighs in relief.

[DEATH] Turl and Rellik disagreed and Turl died as a result.

[darke] Divet think that's sounds more like the Garkin he knew.
[darke] Garkin falls to the floor, exhausted.
[darke : Tyr] Garkin. Say supercalifragilistic for me please.
[darke] Beldin pulls Torque aside, "Do you think it's possible to fake a
[darke] Torque knows it is.
[chat : Huck] It ends?
[darke] Garkin "S-superc-cal-alif-fragilis-s-stic...
[darke] Garkin grumbles.
[darke] Minstrel thinks the evil Garkin could be fakin'...

[DEATH] Historians will tell of the splendid victory that Olgad had
over Garkin in a battle to the death!

[bid] Bobkat screams, 'Lets all celebrate! Buy some boer from Bobkat!'

[DEATH] Naitachal murders Olgad in cold blood.

[- : Torque] Umm, ack?
[- : Beldin] Oh, shit.
[- : Stonecold] Something's wrong...
[darke] Garkin looks to Malhavoc. "Y-your w-word w-was g-given. Th-the
w-war h-has en-ended this e-eve. W-will you h-hold to it?"
[darke] Torque thinks he won't.
Garkin nods to Malhavoc solemnly.