Malhavoc seems to concentrate intensely.
Torque resists Malhavoc's spell.
[darke : Torque] Still tryin', eh Malhavoc?
[darke : Malhavoc] I am a gromek of my word.
[-] Stonecold comforts Dravis..."Don't worry, there will be other wars friend."
[darke : Malhavoc] I'm not trying to summon, just looking to see where you
[darke] Torque wonders why that is important.

[DEATH] Ruck was just murdered by Dakra.
[DEATH] Dakra separates Edanomel's soul and body.
[DEATH] Naitachal and Beldin battled and Beldin lost.

[darke] Torque notices the evil ones don't have a word to hold to.
Dragon arrives.
[darke] Malhavoc sighs, and heads back to his tower.
[darke] Malhavoc waits silently for another day.
[darke] Naitachal curls his lips into a cruel grin, he strolls back to the
Temple of the X. " Porthos, too bad our brother were away for
this war, The X is pleased.......I can feel it, in my blood. "
He grins once more and enters the temple of the X. Taking off
his blood soaked cloak he lays it upon the alter, a few words
later the blood flows from the cloak to mix with that which
stains the floor. The mighty thrum of the X echoes throughout
the Temple......slowly Naitachal sits to ponder the meaning of
what has transpired this eve.
Torque bows respectfully before Garkin.
Torque hugs Garkin.
Torque says in Common: "Good to have you back, my friend"
Garkin cheers for Torque enthusiastically.
Kirin bows respectfully before Garkin.
[darke] Porthos nods at Naitachal, " We could of used our brothers, they
would of swayed the battle ...... but our Altar runs red and
they shall be able to experience part of it through the blood
of those slain. "
Garkin says in Common: "G-glad to b-be b-back, P-paladin."
Garkin smiles revealing yellowed teeth.
Job lopes in on all fours, wags his tail and stands up.
Job bows respectfully with a fluid, graceful sweep of his hand.
[darke] Naitachal looks up and nods, a dark smile parting his face.
Garkin says in Common: "I owe y-you a g-great d-debt of th-thanks."
[darke] Job rubs his left arm, the breaking of which has nearly healed.
Torque says in Common: "Nay."
Torque casts a spell, lightly curing some of Job's wounds.
Kirin chuckles politely.
[darke] Porthos kneels before the altar, his two tattooed hands resting on
the edge. Blood slowly seeps into them, his blackened hands
turning a crimson red.
Garkin says in Common: "H-how m-much t-time h-has p-passed?"
Torque says in Common: "A few months."
Garkin gasps in astonishment.
[darke] Torque confers with Master Garkin, informing him of the past few months
and what occurred.
[darke] Job says, "Garkin, I believe it is time for you once more to
reattain your position."
[darke] Shiesa looks warily at Garkin.
[darke] Garkin takes all of this information in, stunned.
[darke] Porthos stares at Garkin, feeling somehow ... betrayed.
Torque bows respectfully with a fluid, graceful sweep of his hand.
Torque waves.
Torque begins to glow brightly and is gone when the glow fades.
[darke] Garkin shakes his furred head thoughtfully. "My position?"
[darke] Malhavoc nods to Shinju.
[darke] Torque nods.
[darke] Job says, "Sir, the enchanters are without a leader."
[darke] Torque states as guildmaster of the enchanters.
[darke] Job says, "You must once more become the guildmaster, Garkin. The
council sorely misses you."
[darke : Divet] Garkin your twin decided he did not what to be guild master,
and gave it up in your behalf.
[darke] Shiesa still looks at Garkin warily.
[darke] Job says, "He destroyed the items a few days ago, when he declared
allegiance to Marghuul."
[darke] Garkin raises a furred eyebrow. "In-indeed? And w-what h-happened
to the W-widget and s-staff?"
Garkin begins to glow brightly and is gone when the glow fades.
[darke] Garkin chuckles. "D-destroyed? Th-the s-staff of M-mycra c-cannot
b-be d-destroyed...
[darke] Job says, "Hrm...he held a symbol of Marghuul upon his person."
[darke] Porthos stares across the expanses of the battlefield. Noticing a
brother, X-brother, donned in the decorations of K'thach, he
turns away.
[darke] Naitachal hangs his head low, " K'thach, for taking my brother,
someday you and I are going to have a serious discussion..."
[darke : Beldin] One cannot ignore it when one is called. It seems
K'thach's call is stronger than the X.
[darke] Porthos' eyes flame up.
[darke] Garkin murmurs a piece of magic and three objects materialize on
his person.
[darke] Job watches onward, amazed.
The Demiurge shouts: All Hail Garkin, Guildmaster of Enchanter Guild, Again!
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord grins.
[darke] Naitachal growls at Beldin.
[darke] Stonecold chuckles and Hails.
[darke : Huck] Hail Garkin!
[darke] Bobkat Hails Garkin.
[darke : Tyr] Congratulations Garkin!
[darke] Torque bows before Master Garkin.
[darke : Beldin] Hail Garkin!
[darke] Kirin hails the master enchanter!
[darke] Malhavoc sighs and hails the old Garkin.
[darke] Job raises the vulfen bloodblade in salute to Garkin!
[darke] Minstrel hails Garkin.....again!
[darke] Dana looks for someone to kill.
[darke] Porthos remembers Beldin's comment, awaiting another day ...
[darke] Divet welcomes Garkin back.
[darke : Dana] You there, you will do.
[darke : Beldin] And as I seem to have warned your double, be careful with
those magics, milord.
[darke] Garkin touches his missing left ear with a paw and nods, grinning.
Porthos mutters under his breathe, slowly extending his hand.
Garkin shakes hands with Porthos.
[darke] Shiesa still looks towards Garkin's direction...still.....skeptical.
She shrugs, and turns, continuing on her way...the words of
warning she was going to utter.....just a faint sigh upon the
Naitachal lands in front of you, blood dribbles off his fangs and pools at
his feet.

[DEATH] Dana crumples in a heap of bloody tissue at the feet of the Sun.

[darke : Garkin] "S-shiesa, are y-you al-alright?"
[darke] Naitachal blinks.
Porthos gets a crazed look on his face.......
[bid] Malhavoc smiles contently despite his failures tonight.
[council] Job waits for Garkin to rejoin.
[council] Garkin waves a furred paw in respectful greeting to the
[enchanter] Garkin waves a furred paw in greeting to the Enchanters he has
not seen in much time.
[council] Torque bows respectfully before his long lost friend and sighs a
large sigh of relief.
[council : Tyr] Heya, Garkin.
Naitachal stares at the pulsing jugular under your skin. His fangs extend,
he laughs and suddenly leaps toward the east.
[council] Warlock bows to Garkin.
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "Heya, Gark."
[enchanter] Garkin smiles happily.
[council] Garkin smiles, revealing yellowed teeth. "I am grateful to you
all for supporting Garkin..."
[darke] Dravis tells the lich to die.
[darke : Lich] Wretched mortals! You have won this battle, but my
destruction shall not have been in vain! Unleash my undead
hordes upon the world!
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "Lessen number one for Enchanters "Never play
with Plasma!"
[enchanter : Pyrax] Plasma is bad?
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "Ya, no protection against it, really."
[enchanter : Pyrax] Nor holy or infernal, I've noticed.
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "A greater storm of plasma axes my health
all too fast."
[enchanter] Garkin waves a furred paw in greeting to the Enchanters he has
not seen in much time.
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "Heya, Gark."
[enchanter] Garkin smiles happily.
[enchanter : Garkin] I h-haven't b-been m-myself of l-late...But I th-think
y-you'll f-find th-that will c-change after th-this eve.
[enchanter] Garkin looks over the Enchanter board. "H-he d-did WHAT?"
[darke] Job locks up Tower Wood.
[enchanter] Garkin chuckles.
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis doesn't even wanna know.
[enchanter] Garkin reaches up and reads over the gloating note on the
enchanter board.
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis : "Those fire shields, holy aura, and elemental
presence spells are sick ... protection doesn't seem to help
against them."
[enchanter] Olgad Gustavis stomps around going "Sick, sick, sick!"
[enchanter] Garkin nods in agreement...

The Demiurge shouts: All Hail Malhavoc, the Black Hand, Winter Mage of
Maaril! PuppetMaster. LEGEND of the Realm Forever More!!

[darke] Job now knows how to keep his children in line.
[darke] Malhavoc actually smiles happily.
[darke] Porthos raises his sword in salute to the Mage.
[darke] Dakra the Desert Lord salutes Malhavoc, Marghuul's ace in the hole.
[darke] Farky sends a large bolt of Fire into the sky in salute of
[darke] Garkin cheers Malhavoc.
The Demiurge shouts: All Hail Malhavoc, the Black Hand, Winter Mage of
Maaril! PuppetMaster. LEGEND of the Realm Forever More!!
[darke] Job finds no food.
[darke] Bobkat Salutes Malhavoc and congratulates him, and hopes that the
lightning bolt never comes.
[darke : Tyr] Fear him now, as he'll have to maintain his reputation.
Garkin replies to Porthos: "It w-will b-be done, f-friend."
Porthos replies: "Thank you, It is ... good to have YOU back."
Garkin replies: *chuckle* "It is n-nice to b-be here once again... I
h-have r-received s-some interesting m-messages b-by those in
the r-realm who d-do n-not know this f-fact. I c-can only
w-wonder w-what has p-passed."
Garkin tells Porthos: "And a interesting l-letter I h-have f-from y-you
r-regarding P-plunderer...And V-vick?"
Garkin replies to Porthos: "Ah. An-another time, p-perhaps."
[darke] Porthos steps out from the surrounding foliage, the Temple rising
high before him. Passing through the gates, he melds into the
shadows ...
Porthos replies: "Yes, definitely. Lets say, the thieves of this land are
currently 'Out of Order' at the moment."
Garkin replies to Porthos: *raises a furred eyebrow, surprised* "The
p-plague h-as ended... R-remarkable."
Porthos replies: "I don't know if it has ended, as much as it is detained."
[darke] Garkin finds a small book in his collection he has never seen
before. He is not surprised as he has noticed many new
possessions in his quarters. He opens the book, curious...
[darke] Garkin scans a small passage, "The evil that men do lives after
them, The good is oft interred with their bones. He who
accepts evil without protesting it is really cooperating
with it."
[darke] Garkin closes the book, nodding thoughtfully. He replaces it on
the bookshelf. A darker tome, to be sure, but something that
he will have to examine more closely...sometime.
[darke] Garkin douses the candle at his reading table and rises from his
chair. He falls into a deep restful sleep. Another day has
passed in the Shadowlands...