-=-Lists of the Slain-=-

There were 51 player kills...49 of which occurred on the last night during
the war. Bear in mind that there were many more deaths than that...these
are just player kills, if someone died to continuing damage, poison, pets,
or mobs that they made agro to themselves (among other things) then those
deaths are not recorded. Garkin's exploding rune as well killed a good
number of people, only 2 or 3 of which were listed as player kills. This
is because at the time, if someone hit a rune than they got a few hits in
on the person who drew it, and vice versa. It also set them aggressive to
the person who drew it.

The first list has the player kill messages in each chapter that has player
kills. The second list is everyone who died to a player kill, and who
killed them, as well as how many times that person killed them. The third
list is the people who succeeded in a player kill, who they killed and how
many times they killed that person. The fourth list ranks everyone
according to the number of times they were player killed, and the fifth list
ranks everyone according to the number of their player kills.

List 1: Deaths by chapter.
The Fall of the Justicar
1. [DEATH] Torque was just murdered by Malhavoc.
2. [DEATH] Dravis was just slaughtered by Kojin.

First Blood
3. [DEATH] Malhavoc separates Ruck's soul and body.
4. [DEATH] Dravis murders Malhavoc in cold blood.

War Is Joined
5. [DEATH] Naitachal murders Divet in cold blood.
6. [DEATH] Naitachal defeats Tyyxyin in a battle to the death!
7. [DEATH] Naitachal and Warlock battled and Warlock lost.
8. [DEATH] Dakra murders Olgad in cold blood.
9. [DEATH] Porthos murders Beldin in cold blood.
10. [DEATH] Naitachal and Silverarm battled and Silverarm lost.
11. [DEATH] Naitachal is vanquished by Turl in a disgusting battle.
12. [DEATH] Turl was just murdered by Porthos.
13. [DEATH] Naitachal is vanquished by Torque in a disgusting battle.
14. [DEATH] Huck is vanquished by Dravis in a disgusting battle.
15. [DEATH] Dravis murders Farky in cold blood.

The Truth Revealed
16. [DEATH] Malhavoc separates Thamr's soul and body.
17. [DEATH] Thamr was just slaughtered by Huck.
18. [DEATH] Olgad is vanquished by Huck in a disgusting battle.

In The Balance
19. [DEATH] Warlock was just slaughtered by Farky.
20. [DEATH] Turl was just murdered by Dakra.
21. [DEATH] Ruck was just murdered by Dakra.
22. [DEATH] Malhavoc separates Tyyxyin's soul and body.

The Tide Turns
23. [DEATH] Rellik slaughters Huck in a combat frenzy.
24. [DEATH] Divet is vanquished by Naitachal in a disgusting battle.
25. [DEATH] Naitachal DESTROYS Turl in a battle to the death!
26. [DEATH] Historians will tell of the ghost of Divet's revenge over
Naitachal in a battle to the death!
27. [DEATH] The ghost of Naitachal reaches out from death to slay Olgad!
28. [DEATH] Dravis and Dakra battled and Dakra lost.
29. [DEATH] Turl was just murdered by Porthos.
30. [DEATH] Tyyxyin slaughters Porthos in a combat frenzy.
31. [DEATH] Huck is vanquished by Torque in a disgusting battle.

The Burning of Tower Wood
32. [DEATH] Porthos and Torque disagreed and Porthos died as a result.
33. [DEATH] Turl murders Huck in cold blood.
34. [DEATH] Dakra was just slaughtered by Edanomel D'rah.
35. [DEATH] Edanomel and Naitachal battled and Naitachal lost.
36. [DEATH] Farky murders Ruck in cold blood.
37. [DEATH] Dakra murders Warlock in cold blood.
38. [DEATH] Edanomel was just slaughtered by Farky.
39. [DEATH] Turl and Farky disagreed and Turl died as a result.
40. [DEATH] Job crumples in a heap of bloody tissue at the feet of Garkin.
41. [DEATH] Rellik was just slaughtered by Farky.

The Return of Garkin Gnoll
42. [DEATH] Turl is vanquished by Porthos in a pitiful slaughter.
43. [DEATH] Garkin's rune murders Kirin in a fiery blaze.

The Final Battle
44. [DEATH] Garkin slaughters Garkin in a battle frenzy!
45. [DEATH] Turl and Rellik disagreed and Turl died as a result.
46. [DEATH] Historians will tell of the splendid victory that Olgad had
over Garkin in a battle to the death!
47. [DEATH] Naitachal murders Olgad in cold blood.

48. [DEATH] Ruck was just murdered by Dakra.
49. [DEATH] Dakra separates Edanomel's soul and body.
50. [DEATH] Naitachal and Beldin battled and Beldin lost.
51. [DEATH] Dana crumples in a heap of bloody tissue at the feet of the Sun.

List 2: Alphabetical Deaths
Beldin: Porthos(1), Naitachal(1)
Dakra: Dravis(1), Edanomel(1)
Dana: Helios(1)
Divet: Naitachal(2)
Dravis: Kojin(1)
Edanomel: Farky(1), Dakra(1)
Farky: Dravis(1)
Garkin: Garkin(1), Olgad(1)
Huck: Dravis(1), Rellik(1), Torque(1), Turl(1)
Job: Garkin(1)
Kirin: Garkin(1)
Malhavoc: Dravis(1)
Naitachal: Turl(1), Torque(1), Divet(1), Edanomel(1)
Olgad: Dakra(1), Huck(1), Naitachal(2)
Porthos: Tyyxyin(1), Torque(1)
Rellik: Farky(1)
Ruck: Malhavoc(1), Dakra(2), Farky(1)
Silverarm: Naitachal(1)
Thamr: Malhavoc(1), Huck(1)
Torque: Malhavoc(1)
Turl: Porthos(3), Dakra(1), Naitachal(1), Farky(1), Rellik(1)
Tyyxyin: Naitachal(1), Malhavoc(1)
Warlock: Naitachal(1), Farky(1), Dakra(1)

List 3: Alphabetical Kills
Dakra: Olgad(1), Ruck(2), Turl(1), Warlock(1), Edanomel(1)
Divet: Naitachal(1)
Dravis: Malhavoc(1), Huck(1), Farky(1), Dakra(1)
Edanomel: Dakra(1), Naitachal(1)
Farky: Warlock(1), Ruck(1), Edanomel(1), Turl(1), Rellik(1)
Garkin: Job(1), Kirin(1), Garkin(1)
Helios: Dana(1)
Huck: Thamr(1), Olgad(1)
Kojin: Dravis(1)
Malhavoc: Torque(1), Ruck(1), Thamr(1), Tyyxyin(1)
Naitachal: Divet(2), Tyyxyin(1), Warlock(1), Silverarm(1),
Turl(1), Olgad(2), Beldin(1)
Olgad: Garkin(1)
Porthos: Beldin(1), Turl(3)
Rellik: Huck(1), Turl(1)
Torque: Naitachal(1), Huck(1), Porthos(1)
Turl: Naitachal(1), Huck(1)
Tyyxyin: Porthos(1)

List 4: Deaths List 5: Kills
-------------- -------------
1. Turl 7 1. Naitachal 9
2. Huck 2. Dakra 6
Naitachal 3. Farky 5
Olgad 4. Dravis
Ruck 4 Malhavoc
6. Warlock 3 Porthos 4
7. Beldin 7. Garkin
Dakra Torque 3
Divet 9. Edanomel
Edanomel Huck
Garkin Rellik
Porthos Turl 2
Thamr 13. Divet
Tyyxyin 2 Helios
15. Dana Kojin
Dravis Olgad
Farky Tyyxyin 1
Torque 1
------------------ ------------------
23 Totals 51 17 Totals 51