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Warding rune doesn't change owner in castles, like all other runes do, including healing rune. I think it's because Warding rune was added from test after the runes had been changed on live, so, it was done before the change, and never fixed.
Easy fix: Rune is inheriting the wrong rune file. Fixed.

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Also, Warding runes don't last long in non-save rooms. They usually get cleaned in a couple of minutes... Since it's biggest use is in hunting people (tracking movement), that makes it almost useless. it should at least always last the 12 minutes it's supposed to. THough, it really needs longer duration to be really useful... 24 minutes would make it actually worth it...

But it getting cleaned a minute after you cast it makes it... So worthless \:\)
I imagine this is because we don't like keeping rooms loaded if nothing's happening in them other than memory usage. I'll talk to Mactorg and see if making warding runes dodge clean mems is an option.

I've never liked how warding runes operate, which is to say, they only inform people online of enter/exits. Going to look into making them use logs to tell owners the goings on of a room, unless that seems spammy/unneeded/boring/etc.

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