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Crit weaknesses are... harsh. Too harsh. I would love to one day play a nereid or seraph... but... Even though my primary concern is the look and image of a race, I can't bring myself to play a race that automatically loses.
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I'd say this could be the topic of a new thread. I'd always heard it was like starting the game with a negative True Armour, but that after a certain point it was negligible. Looks like this isn't the case, and maybe that's contributing to the lack of ethreal race choices (or maybe it's the rediculous xp mods)...

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XP Mods were recently reduced to half so that's not really an issue. Negative TA is always an issue. Maybe if they lessened the severity of it somehow it wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe if seraphs started with -100 disruption protection instead of -TA it wouldn't be so bad.

'showstats races' puts Seraph at #8, and Sword-demon at #5. While I'm not sure if this is ranked by the average level of of members of its races or by the number of players of those races, or if it matters at all whether or not the players were active in the last three months... can you tell I think this command should have more information and options? I am sure that either way it's done both these races -TA doesn't exactly put them out of the running for "good" (or maybe just presumed good) races.
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