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Could it be modified to be minor fort, but give higher unholy and lower holy protection than minor fort? That'd make it vaguely interesting \:\)

I think randomness makes things interesting. This sort of difference doesn't strike me as interesting or useful, just vaguely noteworthy. How about if it did something completely different than minor fort, or was a minor fort that worked exceptionally versus some hits and terribly versus others. Most people see unreliability and are unimpressed, to say the least, so I'd advocate a different type of protection entirely.

What if bless armour occasionally healed the wearer? Each item randomly healing some amount (I've covered before why it's inappropriate to suggest number-laden ideas) while the user is injured could be interesting.

What if bless armour was an activated ability, providing temporary sanctuary -before- attacks happened? Each item could give you a very few seconds of uninjurability.

What if bless armour stuck to adding protection, but that protection was based on where the damage was coming from rather than a static amount? This would be similar to making unholy and holy damage types have different protection amounts, but would be more useful since it could very well influence what creatures you fought, rather than the damage types those creatures used.

What if there was a real piety system and protection from bless armour could be scaled to fit piety toward or against certain gods?

There are innumerable ways to make interesting things happen. If bless armour is more of the same (ie, just minor fort that a cleric does), that's fine (and boring). It has uses as its plain old boring self. If there's reason for interesting branches of the same themes though, we should be exploring how to make those interesting branches more attractive, and leave the wizards and admin to use our feedback to make them balanced and fair.
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