Hi guys, i have been thinking of some ideas for the guild to help balance them out and make them worthwhile to play beyond medium levels. As it is currently, the highest pet necros can make are Nethergeists. Ive fought against them many times as a player and i feel powerwise they are about right for the level at which they are made, however i feel there is something lacking from the guild as a whole considering that while they are powerful, they are not as hard to defeat as one may think and take way too long to create for their power.

My response to this issue is to first cut down the time needed to make Nethergeists by roughly half (3 1/2 - 4 hours is long enough for a nether i think, 7-8 is too high considering their strength), and then create one new pet above Nethers to give incentive for necros to reach the 40s in magic as well as give an edge to a clan with a necro that high during a war. Hence i conjured up the following idea:

Spell Name: Animate Elder Lich
Spell Level: 40
Skill: Necromancy

Required to Create:
1 Lich, 1 Demilich, 1 Dracolich, and 3 Level 40+ Corpses (one for the essence of each lich type). All of these must be present in the room at the time of casting and all will be combined into one mangled corpse that will be used to cast the spell.
Creation Time:
Roughly 12 Hours

It will have three different auras, with each aura determining its abilities. The auras change at completely random times, will change frequently, and are as follows:

Red Aura:
Can cast wind of death and inflict minor unholy criticals randomly when attacked or is attacking.
Green Aura:
Can cast decay and curse and cause very minor skill curses randomly when attacked or is attacking.
Blue Aura:
Can cast soul syphon and lifesteal and drain life directly randomly when attacked or is attacking.

In addition, there is a 33% chance upon losing all of its hp that it will cheat death and continue fighting while restoring half of its max hp.

This entire setup is subject to major testing on test site and overall input from players as far as pros and cons of this blueprint. Let me know what you guys think about the idea so i can take everything into consideration before i start working on it. Thanks!