Over the next few days I'm going to start working on the new newbie guide.

What I'm going to do is read over the Old Newbie Page and probably keep much of the structure and some of the content. A lot of it, however, no longer applies since it was written 11 years ago. That info will be updated with relevant info.

Also there are probably some tips and tricks that newbies need to know that arenít mentioned at all (the hiatus system for example).

I'm looking for ideas of things that are NOT included in the existing newbie guide that people feel should be.

I've volunteered Luna and Muod to help me with the content editing so it will be a collaborative effort!

I haven't reviewed the entire old file yet but some things that should be in place are a clear explaination of the spell system (5% of casting skill per spell level) and basic combat skills training suggestions.

Also a very basic explaination of the new xp systems.
If you say plz because it is shorter than please, then I will say no because it is shorter then yes.