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Glorfindel's Newbie Handbook to DarkeMUD

Table Of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Combat System
  3. Spell System
  4. Experience
  5. Skills & Development Points
  6. Death
  7. The LAW
  8. Character Commands
  9. Communication Commands
  10. Combat Commands
  11. Control Commands
  12. Information Commands
  13. Movement Commands
  14. Misc Commands
  15. Player Tips

I. Getting Started

    Elven Races:

    Sylvan/Faerie Races:

    Dwarven Races:












    Halfling Races:

    Giant Races: Human Races:


    Hill-Giant High-man


    Storm-Giant Mathere



    Gnome Races:

    Elemental Races

    Troll Races:
    Forest-Gnome Nereid Forest-Troll
    Hill-Gnome Pech Rock-Troll
    Svirfnebli Salamander Swamp-Troll
    Foul Races:

    Animal Races:

    Gromek Races:

    Half-Orc Gerudan Blue-Gromek
    Orc Gnoll Brown-Gromek
    Goblin Thranx Grey-Gromek
    Kobold Vulfen Red-Gromek
    Ethereal Races:    





    B. Choose a Guild:

    There are many guilds in DarkeMUD. Guilds are a very important part DarkeMUD. First, guild unity is very big. Guild members look out for each other. There will be a guildmaster and guild representatives. You can join a guild by going to the location of the guild, and if the guildmaster is there and a mob just type:
    say guildmaster, join
    If the guildmaster tells you that you may now join, just type: join
    Some guilds lean towards partying and some towards soloing. Try to match your guild with your race as noted above.

    Guilds are where you learn skills and spells by spending development points. Guilds also determine how many combat dev points and magic dev points you get and how fast you gain those.

    Guilds are divided into Mundane, semi-spellcaster and pure spellcaster. Pure spellcasters are those guilds that gain most development points in magic and less then the other guilds in combat.



    Fighter Chaotic-Lord Arch-Mage
    Thief Nightblade Elementalist
    Tinker Paladin Enchanter
      Sword-Mage Necromancer
      War-Priest Cleric of Risla

    C. Stats

    There are eleven stats. Stats scores range from 1-110. Stats are later modified by racial bonuses and minuses. Later on you can have stats modified by spells, deathcheck and other things. Stats also give bonuses to skills and are considered the base. To look at your stats during the game, type: stats

    NOTE: There is no suicide command but a temple can be found 3 west from Akkad. You have to be atleast 8 hours old (online time) to rebirth (suicide) because players would abuse it to get better stats. BUT you can ask an arch to delete you if your stats really suck.

    Below is a listing of the stats and their importance to you. Each stat is separate and will have some influence upon you in the game. Players will not be given any form of reimb or reinc when game changes are made which begin using different stats, including the new stats, so create your character carefully. Here are the stats.

    charisma	-	This is a measure of the leadership ability of your character.
    comliness	-	This is a measure of the physical attractiveness of your character.
    constitution	-	The general physical health of your character. Healthy charaacters 
    			will heal faster. Also makes you endure combat longer.
    dexterity	-	Your fine motor skills. Having high dexterity will help you combat
                            when attacking and dodging for instance.
    endurance	-	Your ability to perform physical activity for extended periods of time.
    			This includes physically fighting, moving, and the use of skills.
    intelligence	-	Your ability to reason and understand complex ideas or problems. 
    			Also measures how much magic you are able to cast.
    memory		-	Your ability to remember events, names, and other details. May deal with mana aswell.
    reactions	-	This governs your ability to react to situations quickly. Having good reactions gives you an 				advantage in battle.
    strength	-	This is your ability to lift and carry heavy objects. The stronger you are the more you can carry, 			the more damage you will do in battle, and allow you to use heavier weapons more effectively.
    			Also allows you to endure fights longer.
    willpower	-	Your ability to withstand both physical and mental difficulties.
    wisdom		-	One's ability to think carefully and speak with words that carry truth and reason.


II. Combat System

Combat in DarkeMUD is both entertaining and deadly. It will require getting used to before you can go up against powerful monsters without fear of instant death. At its most basic level, combat consists of 2 second turns in which every participant in combat gets a chance to hit. How many hits you get depends on several things like how good your weapon or melee skill is, if you have a skill that gives you extra attacks (like whirlwind attack) or how many weapons you can wield simultaneously (like with the skill dual wield). Combat takes place automatically, and the only way to end it is to flee. You may flee manually by typing a direction command (n,s,e,w,etc.) to get out of the room, or you may set yourself to flee automatically if your hit points are low by setting your wimpy on. For more on wimpy commands type: help wimpy Be careful, some monsters will attack on sight!

III. Spell System
DarkeMUD has a very complex system of spellcasting with many spells available to players throughout the variety of guilds. The system itself is quite simple on the surface. A player learns a spell much like they would learn a skill through training and spending development points. The player may learn the spell at power level 1 through 6, with each successive level being more costly. Upon casting a spell, the player may choose the power level at which to cast it, with a maximum of the level known by the player. The power level multiplies both the mp (magic point) cost of the spell and its effects, allowing the player to tailor the power of the spell to the situation. You will become very familiar with the alias command if you are a spellcaster of any kind! The effect of increasing spell power varies from spell to spell, but in general; spell duration is increasesd, more effective, and harder to resist at higher power.

IV. Experience
You gain experience from fighting. However, on DarkeMud, it takes a while for you to learn from your encounter with a monster. The score command displays your mind status (clear, almost clear, clouded, etc.). As you kill a monster, the experience is accumulated in your mind, sort of "filling it up." Your real, permanent experience will increase slowly, as you "learn from the fight." This has the following effects:
1. You might see your real experience increase for some time after a fight.
2. If your mind is full of facts, you will stop getting experience from killing monsters, and you must wait a while for your mind to clear.
3. You might have to wait a little for the last bits of experience to be processed before you level, even if you have killed enough monsters to advance.
Note: Your mind capacity (the amount of experience it can store and process) depends on your level, ONLY.

V. Skills & Development Points
Development points are guild based. 

Vb. Multi-Classing

Many MUD's allow multi-classing, ie, the selection of more than one guild for the prupose of diversifying your character. This however is not possible on darke. You can however if you are Enchanter "borrow" spells from other classes to activate at a later time.

On DarkeMUD, death is relatively common, so the penalties are not terribly severe. No permanent damage is done to your character. Normally, when you die, you lose an amount of experience points equal to roughly 1/3 the amount you need to get to the next level. Note that the amount is LESS if you are resurrected quickly and increases as time passes up to a maximum. The maximum is reached in 10-20 REAL minutes after death. If your corpse decays, you quit (actually 'quit', not drop link) before being resurrected or praying, or the mud reboots before you are revived, the penality is roughtly doubled. Certain spells, namely resurrect and soul gate, can greatly reduce the exp penality incurred by death.

The law is run by players. Wizards do not interfere. There is a council of the guildmasters. They enforce the law through the guilds. If a guy gets out of hand as a player killer, players will be expected to take of the matter themselves. Note: Player killing is allowed on this mud! Anyone can kill whomever they please without the wizzes getting involved. The guilds are expected to provide support for their members. If a low level player in your guild is getting killed or stolen from or whatever, you are expected to interven on his/her behalf, or face the wrath of the guildmaster. Because of this, the wizzes do not like whining. If you whine about how hard a time you are having, you will get one of the following responses:
However, if your guildmaster is either consistently unavailable or refuses to do his/her job effectively, then there will probably be a new guildmaster. Players can challenge the guildmasters.

Ok, that's the basic stuff. Now for actual playing I have made a list of available player commands and what they do and how to use them.

XIII. Character Commands

IX. Communication Commands:

X. Combat Commands
  XI. Control Commands

V. Handling Commands:
XII. Information Commands
XIII. Movement Commands
XIV. Misc Commands:
XV. Player Tips
I. You appear in the church. Look at the world map and the city map to get your bearings. Probably be handy to have a pencil and pad near you to write important stuff down, like the coordinates of the city of Akkad. Figure out where your guild is and go there and join the guild, see above documentation on how to do that. Explore your guild. Find the treasury. It costs 5 gold per level to enter the treasurey. All newbies will be given some money when they join a guild. Type: money Ok, now go train your skills. While you are training, if there is a skill that you don't understand what it does exactly, type: help skill {skill name} Once you are done training, yoy need to get armor and a weapon. Go to the weapon shop and the armor shop and pick up stuff that you want your character to wear, be careful though, your character can only carry so much (determined by Strength stat)! Now that you have armor and a weapon or two, you have to 'wear' your armor:
wear helm
wear cloak
wear bracer on right arm
wear bracer 2 on left arm
Now, wield your weapon in the hand that you favor:
wield longsword in right hand
wield two handed sword in left hand and right hand
Now, go to Slim's. That's the Adventurer's Shop. Buy food and a torch or two if its night time (check time by typing: time or type: look at sky). While you are at Slim's (Adventurer's Shop) buy a sextant. Look at the sextant by typing: exa sextant The description will tell you how to use it.

All right, now you are ready! If you are a mage or spellcaster of any sort, it may be a good idea to party with a warrior type player, so that way you don't get the snot beat out of you by jackrabbit in the plains! As a newbie there are a few places for you to go (though more will come up as time goes by, so check with other newbies on your newbie channel to see if there are some new ones that I haven't mentioned here).

While in these areas, do not attack everything you see. Some of the monsters are not for 1st level players. When possible, use your consider skill to find out how tough a mob is. To do this type: use consider at goblin The skill then will tell you how you compare to the mob. The consider skill can be learned at your guild, all guilds have this skill. Most of the zones are designed with parties in mind. So remember that. If you decide to wander around the continent, like I did, run away from will'o-wisps. If you see a demon...flee, especially if you heard someone shout "Demon-lord on the loose in city" or something like that. Ok, I don't want to spoil everything for you so this all the tips you are going to get from me...BTW, if you attempt a quest, do NOT ask another player, wiz, arch, or god anything about them. They are meant to be puzzling.
Ohh yea, if you are bugging and nothing seems to work. Quit and come back before you ask a wiz. 85% of the time this works. If anything was left out... please mail mactorg@darkemud.com. Above all, have fun. Good luck! See ya on the Darke Side!

Written by: Glorfindel 2/15/96

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