Reposted from the Immortal Thread:

This is just a concept.. not planned in any way but looking for feedback.

Anyways. I was laying in bed pondering up things last night and came up with, well what I think, is a good guild idea.

Essentially they would be a caster guild that would leech off the spell power of others.

I came up with a few ideas for their spell types that currently don't exist but I think would be interesting.

1. Magical Auras: these would be room effects that would have a duration. They would effect all casting skills. e.g. A dampening aura would lower the casting skills of everybody while in that room (and go away as soon as they left) and an enhancing aura would boost the casting skills. I figured there could be 2 levels of each of these (one doing very little skill boost, and one doing a significant) and one that boosts all in party and declines all not in party. (e.g. enhancing aura, greater dampening aura).

2. Aquire spell power: This would be one of their primary powers. The exact mechanics currently are a little fuzzy but I'm thinking something like a counterspell. If somebody (friend or foe) starts casting a spell you can 'aquire' it. This spell power would then be stored in your spell power bank. Depending on the level of the spell and the * of the cast. You wouldn't be able to store a spell above the level of your casting skill / 5. (so to capture a level 25 spell you would need 125% base casting skill). I also figured that perhaps your magic level would be the max powers of spell you could store at any given time. That's just a number I pulled out of my ass though.

3. A couple of spells to channel the stored spell power. Be it some sort of attack spell or a blade spell. You could specify how many charges you would like to expel (with some limit set) to vary the power of said attack/blade spell. I don't know what sort of damage the blade/attack spells would do. I was thinking more on a style level.

4. Aquire spell - like the AM spell that was removed some time ago. Essentially you cast this spell at somebody with a particular spell in mind and it gives you the ability to cast that spell for a short period of time. Perhaps take it one step further and not allow the target to cast that same spell for the same amount of time.

5. This one is a bit out there but I thought while we were talking about the polymath guild it might fit the same sort of discussion. One every 10 m (or overall) levels or so (again just a number I picked from the air) the guild could pick a spell to permenently add to their spell reportoire. This would have a couple of requirements however. 1. couldn't be a god-based spell unless the character worships that god. 2. They would have to get somebody with *6 of that spell to allow them to perform some sort of learning process which could be a very long LT. 3. They'd be able to get *4 of that spell and would have to have all of the devs necessary to train said spell to *4 upon starting the process. This choice could never be changed afterwards.

6. Further to the aquire perhaps they would be able to imbue others temporarily with the spell that they have aquired. e.g. block a nightblade from casting invis for a short time and allow a fighter to temporarily so that he can sneak through a castle undetected, kill a couple of pets, reinvis himself and sneak out.

No xp would be gained from casting aquired or learned spells.

Anyhow. I thought it would be a unique guild that wouldn't be especially powerful but would certainly add a different flavor.

I couldn't think of a great name, I was thinking something like "weave manipulators" or something like that. But that's probably the tabletop RPGer in me coming out.

Anyhow sorry for the incredibly long post. I just wanted to share what I thought was an interesting idea.

There could also be some spells added in just to flesh out the guild. Possibly a dispel-magic type spell that could remove enchantments from weapons and aquire spell power that way.. although that might be more tricky