Charon has other things happening now, so I doubt he'll be making any headway on this.

Instead, I hope anyone who comes across important newbie information, tips & tricks, or anything that a new player might need or want to know will post it here. I'll start off with some pertinent information:

After your password is mailed to you, you will log in at "The Crossroads".
To the east through the shadowed doorway is the city of Kuril where the Nightblade, Chaotic-Lord, and Necromancer guilds reside.
To the north through the purple stone doorway is the city of Akkad where the Tinker, Enchanter, Elementalist, Arch-Mage, Thief, and Cleric-of-Risla guilds are housed.
To the west through the misty blue doorway is the city of Vo'Sangor where the Sword-Mage, Fighter, and War-Priest guilds are.

The Paladin guild is just to the west of the city of Vo'Sangor, while the Monk guild is midway between Akkad and Vo'Sangor in the mountains south of the road between the cities.
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